Greetings Tenno

Recently I've been thinking about and play testing various ideas of interesting frame ability combinations, I would like to share them with all of you. There are, of course, many synergies that we are all already aware of, such as Trinitys EV in conjunction with spammable abilities or the recently infamous (Gmag + Mesa + Frost + Nekros) combo. These ideas I'm putting out are perhaps not so obvious combinations. They are not necessarily end game, but they can be rather effective. They also exclude any references to syndicate augments. I am very open to comments, further ideas, and criticism. Let's get straight into it

Limbo + Loki + Vauban

These three frames are all very versatile in their skill sets, when brought together they can create a wonderful combination for defense missions.

1# Limbo casts cataclysm on the pod, therefor protecting it from any enemy fire on the outside.

2# Loki spams radial disarm, forcing all enemies to run into the rift to attack via melee.

3# Vauban casts vortex inside the rift, essentially scooping up all the mobs as they run in.

All three frames can then kill the enemies with ease. Being in the rift most of the time also restores energy faster for skill casting, and all drops will essentially be around the pod so energy orbs can be retrieved easily. The only problem that could arise is nullifiers, however if you bring castanas (or just use lasers if you're in the void) you can deal with this problem.

Excalibur + Banshee

This combo is simple, Excalibur spams radial blind while Banshee activates her silence ability. Enemies are blinded and deafened, making them virtually useless. They are unable to do anything.

Chroma + Valkyr

Using his abilities, Ice Chroma is able to achieve extremely high armour and dish out huge amounts of damage. This combo is very simple, Valkyr activates warcry on Chroma to buff his armour to even more insane heights. Great for higher tier survival missions.

Limbo + Banshee/Hydroid

As we know, frames in the rift are still able to use their abilities to do damage and cc. However I want to particularly point out the synergy between banishment and these two frames.

Banshee: With a normal flow mod and maximum power efficiency, at max energy, Banshee is able to keep Sound Quake active for 1 minute 30 seconds (the cost is 5 energy a second). While banished, this cost is reduced to 3 energy a second, allowing her to have it active for 2 minutes 30 seconds. If you have a maxed primed flow mod, you can up this to 3 minutes 20 seconds. Using this combo, Limbo and Banshee can easily do intercept missions on small tile sets on their own, as with maximum power range Banshees sound quake can cover multiple towers, and with 2-3 minutes of continuous sound quake can do a whole round with one cast.

Hydroid: With maximum power efficiency, Hydroid can be a puddle at the cost of around 1.5 energy per second. While banished, as a puddle he will actually gain energy, and can remain as a puddle indefinitely, AND he is still able to drown enemies while banished. Theoretically, he could drown an infinite number of enemies.

Nyx + Speed Nova

This combo can be used to kill enemies very quickly, as long as you are careful. Nyx activates absorb while nova (from a safe place out of harms way) casts molecular prime. Enemies come rushing at full speed towards Nyx, she releases her absorb after the first group of enemies arrives and destroys the whole crowd. A speed nova build will have very high range, meaning the explosions from enemies will reach a great distance, causing larger chain reactions. Through play testing I realized that Nyx doesn't need to let enemies hit her for very long, even just a couple of thousand absorb is enough to destroy large mobs. This can be used on survival missions to great effect.

Ember + Oberon + Trinity

This synergy is designed for infested survival or maybe even defense. Oberon must bring a max range max efficiency build, Trinity will need an EV build. Ember should be modded for maximum damage and duration

1# Find a corridor or narrow area of map where spawns can only come from one direction

2# Have Oberon spam Hallowed Ground constantly, laying carpets on top of each other. All frames must stand on the carpet

3# Ember should spam accelerant and world on fire

4# Trinity uses EV on infested enemies (especially draining eximuses)

Infested enemies can only run from one direction and are therefor forced to run over Oberons carpet, the multiple stacking carpets will frequently proc radiation on the enemies causing them to attack each other and take a lot of damage over time. Embers abilities will do high damage to the mobs. Trinity will be able to keep energy up constantly for Oberon and Ember to spam their abilities. Because all the frames are standing on the carpet, they will be immune to procs, the exception being energy leechers. However, if Trinity casts EV on the leechers it will cancel the leech effect. This method can do incredible amounts of damage and cc to high level infested enemies while using the utility of hallowed ground to remain proc free.

I will stop here for now, I have other thoughts also on frame synergy but will perhaps share them at another time. I plan to eventually have ideas of synergies for at least every frame. Please keep in mind that even if you think some of these combinations are useless, that is your opinion and I respect it, these are some combinations that personally work for me. I welcome people to comment below on your own ideas for warframe synergy or suggest improvements on mine.

- SuzukiSwift

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