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  • Svenrolic

    Due to the lack of communications equipment on and around Jupiter, any recon team is required to carry beacon sentinels with them to report back every 8 to 12 hours. It has been 48 hours since the last transmission Loki and his team dropped us. I don't doubt they could have missed a drop or two because Teal Loki is known for his shenanigans, but missing four drops in a row is a bit concerning.

    A special mission opened up to recover the team; though this was common practice, I have never seen a rescue mission for Tenno. The recruitment board for his rescue has an opening for a Volt, and luckily the speed demon is my specialty. I step into my Volt warframe, a nice metallic silver frame with a pitch black finish, and the ship assures me the fram…

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  • Svenrolic


    Following my duos post, I decided to see how endgame characters work together in theory and practice. Have a suggestion or issue? Let me know in the comments! I'll attempt to  update as I go.

    Survival Teams - These teams need at least one damage dealer, preferably a psuedo-invincible Warframe, and 1 - 2 supports (Nekros is almost mandatory)

    Core Tryhard Trio: (Infested)

    This team holes up in one "kill room" and kills spawns almost instantly.

    • Trinity is almost invincible, and provides energy to the rest of the team reliably. This should be a standard Trinity.
    • Vauban halts enemies from coming within melee range by blocking off a room with two or fewer entrances with a vortex at each. Go for max duration primarily.
    • Nekros is the LS spawn due …

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  • Svenrolic

    Hello there Tenno.

    Preface: I noticed certain frames work with each other quite well, and I decided to pair these up. In the future I thought I may include the best 3 man teams, and the best 4 man; however, this is what I thought up so far. Enjoy!

    Exterminates (including Bosses) and/or Survivals

    Limbo & Valkyr - Team invincible: These two complete exterminates, bosses, and Rescues with no issues. Limbo stays in the void, and banishes Valkyr when her invincibility is going to expire. When Limbo's riftwalk is going to expire, Valkyr can prepare to rez him.

    Trinity & Nekros - Team Infiniscavenge: Trinity can provide health and energy for Nekros to fear, scavenge, etc.

    Ember & Nova - Team supermassive blackhole: Nova prepares the opponents, and ember…

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  • Svenrolic

    Preface: Limbo can actually make hacking easier. DE stated they don't plan to change Limbo, they expect us to figure out what Limbo's playstyle is. So far Limbo looks like he excels at...trolling. Here is why;


    • Make no one able to hurt each other!
    • Make missions last longer
    • Banish your teammates so they can't outdamage you! 
    • Banish your teammates so they can't pick up objectives!

    Rift walk:

    • Become an almost Loki with the ability to hack things easier because you cant be harmed, except you cant do damage to them either without wasting more energy
    • Become an almost Rhino, invincibility with the only drawback being that this comes at the cost of not being able to harm a fly.

    Rift surge:

    • Become a wannabe Nova-Ember Increase damage to enemies in the…

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  • Svenrolic


    As with all of my blogs, I had a question so I decided to find information I couldn't find through other sources. This time I wanted to know how to gain rep with four factions at once, and I psuedo-coded an Excel sheet where I could input the amount of rep I gained with a faction in order to plan out the way I would gain rep with the most possible with the least amount of work. This is the result of that spreadsheet. For the actual excel document please message me here; include your email, or some way for me to send the file. (I don't know how to add it to this as it is an excel doc.)

    Any Syndicate that gives half of the rewarded standing to a brother Syndicate requires 67 from each to get 100 in both.

    Straight to the Bottom Line

    I calc…

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