Preface: Limbo can actually make hacking easier. DE stated they don't plan to change Limbo, they expect us to figure out what Limbo's playstyle is. So far Limbo looks like he excels at...trolling. Here is why;


  • Make no one able to hurt each other!
  • Make missions last longer
  • Banish your teammates so they can't outdamage you! 
  • Banish your teammates so they can't pick up objectives!

Rift walk:

  • Become an almost Loki with the ability to hack things easier because you cant be harmed, except you cant do damage to them either without wasting more energy
  • Become an almost Rhino, invincibility with the only drawback being that this comes at the cost of not being able to harm a fly.

Rift surge:

  • Become a wannabe Nova-Ember Increase damage to enemies in the void (Means you have to either Ult, or individually banish each opponent and ally for this to help.)
  • ?????


  • Become an almost frost, except you gain the ability to not be affected by any status from outside the void...but you can't harm those outside your globe either.
  • Minor energy regen.
  • Great way to troll your team when placed on top of an objective; they will drop it, or be unable to pick it up!

I don't usually rant becuse I love the s*** out of this game, but what the:c DE? Seriously guys, do you have an actual use for this frame, or is he as useless as I see so far? Multiple frames accomplish what limbo does without sacrificing 100% of their damage output.

Sidenote: Bug or working as intended, pickups don't pick up for me while inside the void...making Limbo even more useless.

UPDATE: After playing Limbo up to rank 30 and beyond;

I decided to play him myself and I found him one of the most fun and challenging I've ever played. My personal playstyle fit him well, and he syncs well with the opticor. (Phase into the void while charging, phase out and release the beam.) There are plenty of uses for him in the right hands, so thank you to the commenters for giving me hints on how to use the frame without intentionally/accidentally trolling my team. 

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