Due to the lack of communications equipment on and around Jupiter, any recon team is required to carry beacon sentinels with them to report back every 8 to 12 hours. It has been 48 hours since the last transmission Loki and his team dropped us. I don't doubt they could have missed a drop or two because Teal Loki is known for his shenanigans, but missing four drops in a row is a bit concerning.

A special mission opened up to recover the team; though this was common practice, I have never seen a rescue mission for Tenno. The recruitment board for his rescue has an opening for a Volt, and luckily the speed demon is my specialty. I step into my Volt warframe, a nice metallic silver frame with a pitch black finish, and the ship assures me the frame is optimal with a relaxing gust of air. I catch the team lead from recruitment, planning to list my qualifications.

As I drop the host a message, I notice this Tenno is familiar, but not the average "we ran a mission together once or twice." This tenno was THE Vauban; we'd defended against 100 waves of infested together.  He recognised me immediately and invited me to complete the four man squad he had gathered. I was plesantly surprised to see a Tenno utilizing the newly-researched Zephyr--clearly a member of a powerful clan. I would get to fight alongside some of the best today. Our fourth was none other than old Iron Skin, a Tenno known for his exclusive use of the Rhino warframe. 

All of the other Tenno were on the Tenno High Council. These Tenno were well known for their ability to take down hundreds of any faction by themselves, but here they were together in a party with the likes of me. Why were we gathered together for such a simple task? Why were we looking for Loki? I guess I'll figure that out soon, I've got a message from the Lotus.

According to the intel briefing Vauban tracked down the last known coordinates of Loki's team on one of Jupiter's moons, known as "Themisto." At least we don't have to try and fight through that gigantic atmosphere on Jupiter I suppose. I wondered why the communication dropped; though, knowing this Loki, I can only imagine he managed to switch-teleport somewhere ridiculous and destroyed the team's comm equipment. I truly hope this is just an oversight of that arrogant fool.

The Lotus has notified the team that our entrance was masked. It is time to get to work. As we drop into the grate system, Vauban seems on edge, his body poised to drop one of his bastilles at a moment's notice. I've never seen him like this...I think he knows something. Regardless, I speed us through in hopes to just find Loki derping around somewhere. We quietly approach an entrance to a room filled with Corpus personnel, while Vauban formulates a plan on the fly to  drop them without alerting security. The impatient Rhino roars and all hell breaks loose. I had figured that bringing the savage with us wasn't be best idea, but with the recon team missing we had no other options.

 I drop an electric shield then blow the lights, though glancing over I see the huge wind storm Zephyr created deflects any projectile the corpus decide to throw at us--would've been nice to know she had a few seconds ago. My pistols slide into my hands while my fingers find their rightful place on their triggers, dropping the Corpus closest to the exit. Rhino swiftly detaches the heads from fleeing corpus bodies with a frightening amount of efficiency, as Vauban drops a Vortex to ensure none can report this incident.

 As I drop the last Corpus it becomes suddenly apparent Alad V is here, and he knows we are as well. "Are you coming to contribute to my research?" he taunts us. Not today, scum. My resolve gets stronger with every step. There is no need to hack security at this point, our target is begging for his demise. My friends are missing, and Alad V will give up their location if its the last thing he does. We sweep the other rooms with no concern for stealth, and I begin to disbatch the underlings one by one. My movements become automatic and calculated, almost robotic. We don't have time for this.

I rush forward to clear the room as the Rhino makes his way into the next room and goes motionless. What could have frozen the brute? I roll in and drop a shield before the thick skinned beast, only to meet the same fate. Glancing up, a specific pattern is a glaringly obvious sign of Loki's fate. This pet at Alad V's side was ripped from Loki's suit, and reassembled to this grotesque robotic mess. Not like this.

In the few seconds it took to regain my senses Vauban has already rushed in and dropped a bastille for the garbage that surrounds us. I overload the circuits and attempt to mask the scene in darkness. Rhino is about to create a tossed Salad--the likes of which I don't want to imagine, much less witness. The intensity of Rhino's roar unleashes a fury that shakes the very foundation we fight on. The abomination Alad created lunges at me as I unload my Amprex on its twisted form. Its master screams in pain and the Zanuka weakens, making it the perfect target for a fury of Obex blows. A single shot rings out from the distance straight through Zanuka's skull. Tracing the beam's path I discover the culprit was a levelheaded Vauban, as he simply says "no"--seemingly saving me from becoming another Valkyr.

As we head to extraction, my head refuses to admit what just happened. He knew the fate of our forerunners and subjected us to their possible fate. Vauban had remained calm, remaining unphased by the obvious conclusion that everyone else reached. We weren't on a rescue mission, we were sent to exterminate a prevent future experimentation. Today I realized the "Teal Loki" will never be seen by my side again. Today I lost a friend, yet this elephant in the room is the smallest issue we faced.

Edit 1.0 - added more detail

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