Well Well Well.. Looks like they're finally here!

And they're already broken (or maybe i'm just unlucky).

Well, lets be fair here, chances are there's a bajillion other tenno trying to stampede into the damn place like some sort virtual black friday. I say this, fellow tenno, to compile a special christmas list to our almighty overlords at DE. Now, I dont doubt that DE is currently working on fixes for some of the more obvious problems (in my case, being blasted back into the log-in screen as soon as I try to enter a Hub) but I feel like they might miss a spot. 

This is were we come in.

In this list we will be gathering up any and all serious problems that revolve around our new playground, and hopefully- HOPEFULLY!- we can slap a meaningful list into the forums and hope our topic gains traction. Your name (and reported bug) will be listed below as soon as possible. Now hurry along, we have bugs that need stomping!

1. A Lone Tenno: Tenno who change thier warframe in the Hub sometimes come back with the wrong head. (IE: A Mesa switching into a Loki Prime, but retain's Mesa's head.)

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