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    (Note: please do not make fun of me and my art style- no one is perfect.)

    Physical description: Ashen Grey Armor, Black Half-Skirt covering the legs, blue mane of energy emerging from the back of his head, black spikes running down his spine, and a medium sized horn on his forehead.

    Name: Judicator

    Health: 400 (Base is 150)

    Shield: 150 (Base is 50)

    Armor: 5 

    Energy: 250 (Base is 125)

    "The Judicator...ruthless as he is deadly, he can be a useful ally as well as a worthy adversary. He draws upon his powers for the good of the universe and will not stop fighting- even if it means he will most likely parish."


    Blitz Schwert (Lightning sword): The Judicator calls upon the power of lightning charging his sword to be as sharp as the strongest diamo…

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  • SwordCoast247

    The Judicator

    May 18, 2013 by SwordCoast247



    The Tenno Banner soared high above the encampement and wavered as the wind picked up into an intense breeze from the north. The sky was clear and there was not a single cloud in sight. The Tenno were...well, enjoying themselves. This was their training area of which had a population of about 60. Each unit consisted of 12 Tenno- later on in the field, however, the 12 wiould be split into groups of 4 thourgh randomized selection.

    For each unit, there was a barracks. It was filled with the basics of technology and luxury that could only satisfiy the most humble of Tenno as themselves; most of them anyway- the Lokis are the ones who always seem to complain the most out of all of them. Each unit also has a handler- sometimes it'…

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