The Tenno Banner soared high above the encampement and wavered as the wind picked up into an intense breeze from the north. The sky was clear and there was not a single cloud in sight. The Tenno were...well, enjoying themselves. This was their training area of which had a population of about 60. Each unit consisted of 12 Tenno- later on in the field, however, the 12 wiould be split into groups of 4 thourgh randomized selection.

For each unit, there was a barracks. It was filled with the basics of technology and luxury that could only satisfiy the most humble of Tenno as themselves; most of them anyway- the Lokis are the ones who always seem to complain the most out of all of them. Each unit also has a handler- sometimes it's a sentinel programmed by the Lotus and maybe even an Elder. however, for Unit's a warframe unlike any other.

"Officer on deck!" piped the Ash who stood by the door to look out for the handler. Suddenly, the happiness turned into panic and fear. Clumsily did they form a line in front of the bunks as the sound of metal boots clunked on the ground outside. Then it suddenly stopped. The Excalibur stared daggers into the Ash and was about to leave when-

"ALRIGHT, YOU MAGGOTS!" the door exploded open as the officer kicked it down- it literally fell off its hinges and nearly smashed the man in the Ash warframe had he still been standing there. Everyone winced and stared in wide-eyed terror at their handler. His armor was silver, his helmet had a horn at the top, pauldrons of wicked sharp iron sat on his broad shoulders, a black skirt-like robe of leather covered his legs- warrior-style, and a mane of withe energy in the form of lightning shot out behind his helmet. His eyeglasses were shaded with a black tint and his twin swords of mixed metals rested on his back.

His head turned from left to right in wicked fast movements and he stifled a growl.

"Inspect-ion!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. The Tenno simultaeuously pulled out their Skana and Mk-1 Braton in each hand and looked straight ahead avoiding the officer's fierce gaze. Except the Loki was having trouble with pulling out hisSkana and was soon the only one who had not finished on time. The officer stomped towards him and leaned his face forward until it was only inches away from the Loki's.

"What is your name, son?" the officer asked with a dangerous hint of anger in his voice. The Loki gulped audibly and stammered, "D-David-"

"WHAT IS YOUR DAMN NAME, YOU SORRY EXCUSE FOR A TENNO?!" The officer screamed which made everyone's ears- including those in the other barracks- ring intensly.

"David Locke- Loki, sir!" He squeaked.

"Well, Mr. Locke," the officer sneered under his mask, "You earned yourself 50 push ups."

" health...the doctor-"

"DO 50 PUSH-UPS- DOUBLE TIME!" the officer repeated more loudly. The Loki trembled at the knees and putting down his weapons, he got onto his stomach and began his exercise. There came a snicker from the ranks and like a vulture, the officer snapped his head towards the source- Excalibur. He stomped off and stood in front of the Excalibur with a menacing aura creeping out of him.

"Name," He spat.

"Jared Conlin- Excalibur unit, sir," The Excalibur repiled. He was calm, but he didn't expect the officer to punch him in the gut. He crunched as he grabbed at his ribs gasping for air.

"WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION, YOU TWIT?!" the officer yelled as he kicked the warframe's face with his hard metal boots.

"Nothing, sir," Conlin gasped. The officer leaned his body forward to get within eye level with the Excalibur. He sneered, "Then what was that noise I heard then, huh? You find this funny?"

"No...sir," He wheezed.

The officer stood up and looked at all the recruits. He said," You are Tenno, aren't you? You don't make fun of your kin! You don't embarrass your team! you are to embrace your siblings differences with grace."

When the Excalibur finally got up, the officer kicked him back down again. Oh, that's grace alright, the Rhino thought in his head amusingly.

"YOU ARE A DISGRACE!" He sapt with disgust. Then he asked, "Do you know what the word "Judicator" means?"

"It means one who calls down judgement onto those who are to be punished," the Mag said. The officer stared into the swirling mask blankly and asked, "What is your name, girl?"

"Madeline Foster- Mag unit, sir," She answered with caution.

The officer raised his arms to the sky and nearly laughed hysterically. He growled, "Well, Maggy Maddy, you earned your team and yourself a trip to 'Everest' for not being asked specifically to answer my question."

Everyone groaned and he snapped, "I'll double it!"

Then there was silence.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" He shouted, "RUN, YOU METAL CHICKENS, RUN!"

When they were gone, the Judicator sat in his chair and sighed, "This is going to be a long one...isn't it?"

Then he noticed the Loki was still doing his push-ups so he screamed with authority, "Get your a*s up, you bastard! You're running two trips now!"

(I apologize for the vulgar language in this blog post. Please note that this is based off of my imagination and I do not intend to offend anyone. Please feel free to comment and I will appreciate any criticism given. Also please feel free to leave suggestions below.


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