The Judicator

(Note: please do not make fun of me and my art style- no one is perfect.)

Physical description: Ashen Grey Armor, Black Half-Skirt covering the legs, blue mane of energy emerging from the back of his head, black spikes running down his spine, and a medium sized horn on his forehead.

Name: Judicator

Health: 400 (Base is 150)

Shield: 150 (Base is 50)

Armor: 5 

Energy: 250 (Base is 125)

"The Judicator...ruthless as he is deadly, he can be a useful ally as well as a worthy adversary. He draws upon his powers for the good of the universe and will not stop fighting- even if it means he will most likely parish."


Blitz Schwert (Lightning sword): The Judicator calls upon the power of lightning charging his sword to be as sharp as the strongest diamond. (Ignores armor and deals 40% electric damage)

Rechter Hand des Richters (Right hand of the Judge): The Judicator creates a white flash of light and instantaniously knocks down- and may kill- all enemies within a short radius. (Cost of 25% health as well as 50 energy)

Vermamnis (Damnation): With this power, it boosts the Judicator's speed and attack rate of his melee weapon by 50%. (Cost of 45% health of what he has at that moment as well as 75 energy)

Gebieter das Urteil (A Lord's Judgement): This final power of the Tenno warrior is powerful yet comes with a price. He slams his sword into the ground and his foes disintegrate into ash around him (20m only), but brings his life close to death. (Uses up 85% health the warrior currently has and 100 energy) can geuss that it is OP. Which is why he only has 5 armor, barely any shield, and uses up health like a Warframe would use energy. This is my idea of a Warframe that I made from a story that I am currently writing on "", and please...don't hate me. :(

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