I have no idea how long this has been in the game but it would be nice if someone would say what in the forma is happening here.

So i were in alert in... somewhere, anyway it was corpus spy alert. And when i and <insert mirage user name here> saw THIS happening.

I made little *HUGE* gif for showing you what is happening.

( <-- gif animation made from screenshots i quickly took

So what actually is happening is that close to rock, which can be seen from extraction point, appears regular tenno ship, like ready for extraction. But unlike normal tenno ship, it just flies to mist in the bottom of the ravine, and disappears. Then new ship appears. This loops infinitely and continues even during extraction animation. Me and another tenno were at extraction, waiting for rest of the squad.

Tenno ship fall

Screenshot from falling ship.

 So, there is some questions that i want answer to. Is this common? Since what time this event have been existing in the game? Why does this happen?

You can also post conjectures about this, if you don't know, of course.

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