Before I start I want to say that this is my first blog post so any tips would be appreciated .

When I first started this game I was dead set on getting frost for my first frame. At that time i didn't realize that starter frames were a thing so I had to go with loki. I was VERY disapointed to find out that you can't just pick which frame you wanted and even more so when I saw how many planets away the boss was. Today I now have frost, but I made Rihno, Nyx, Nova, Nekros, and Vauban long before I ever obtained frost. i see this as a big disadvantage to Warframe because it was a huge turn off to me . My idea is to add more options as a starter frame to give more variety to new players. Obviously adding Vuaban, Nekros, or Banshee is a bad idea due to the luck/grind required for them. This so far has two major advantages.

  • New players will have more choices to pick from.
  • And people who use Loki/Excaliber regularly won't immediatley be labled as noobs just because they use a frame usually choosen by begginers.

Of course all of this is simply an idea and nothing more. Perhaps this will one day be added into the game thanks to this blog. On the other hand, a more likely scenario is that I'm wasting my time writing this blog which will get maybe 2 or 3 comments. Even if my idea is terrible Loki should at least be removed as one of the starter frames. Why you ask? Everytime i see a noob they're always saying that Loki is terrible since none of his abilities do any damage.It just irritates me to see such potential wasted on the clueless. The description for loki literally says" Desired by advanced players" which is ironic since its a starter frame.

Besides the point of me raging about loki i hope whoever reads this liked what i had to say :)

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