I've seen multiple blog posts putting forth multiple interesting ideas for possible future warframes. I've yet to see one akin to this one, so I'd thought I'd voice this possibility.


Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment. I found this extremely fitting as a name for a Warframe, due to the high-risk high-reward nature of their lifestyle. Kairos is specifically high-risk high-reward weapon damage, supported with time-based utility. Those who master her signature move, Momentum, will find her extremely useful in dealing vast amounts of weapon damage.


  • Shields: 100
  • Health: 100
  • Armor: 10
  • Energy: 125
  • Speed: 1.0
  • Stamina: 80


(25) Momentum: Kairos gains speed slowly, allowing for faster shots and movement. At the end of the duration(~60% increased speed?) Kairos gains a stack of "Disconnection". If Kairos uses Momentum again while this Stack of Disconnection is active then she begins the speed-up cycle at a far faster pace(~30% to increase to ~90%?), but a percentage that the damage that would have been dealt is not dealt until the end of the cycle(~20% per stack?). After 5 stacks of Disconnection (150% to 180% speed and 100% delayed damage.)then Momentum can no longer be casted until a stack of Disconnection has been removed. (~10s per stack?)

This is Kairos' trademark ability, allowing skilled users to navigate and engage combat at high speeds.

(50) Appointed Time: The target is marked by fate. All damage that the target has dealt to Kairos and her allies will be healed, and the same sum dealt to the target.

Requires intelligent target choices to allow for maximum damage. Not only does this heal allies and do damage to foes, this will also resurrect downed allies if the killer is targetted by Appointed Time.

(75) Eternal: Kairos breaches contact with the rest of time, ceasing to take and deal damage during the duration of the effect. At the effect's end all damage she would have recieved is dealt immediately, and any damage that she would have dealt is increased by 100%.

This basically increases Kairos' skill at being a weapons platform even moreso, allowing for increased amounts of damage.

(100) Interruption: The speed of all things on things on the map other than Kairos and her allies are slowed down drastically, allowing for the Tenno to dodge hostile attacks and deal more damage.

Allows Kairos and her allies to deal more power and weapon damage while taking less damage themselves. This, used in conjunction with Momentum, allows Kairos to dominate the battlefield.

I plan to keep all of these abilities but energy costs, damage dealt, and time dilation are all subject to alteration in the name of balance.


I invision a vaguely asymmetrical steampunk look, with hard angles interwoven with rounded curves in places such as the pauldrons and knee pads.

The powers are generally very faint, noticable but not overly showy. This includes Kairos becoming less opaque during Eternal, blurs placed upon all players in Interruption and on Kairos during Momentum. To other players watching Kairos use Momentum she becomes a somewhat transparant blur, the effects getting more and more pronounced at higher stacks of Disconnected.


I'd appreciate civil feedback and constructive criticism. After I feel this has been polished enough I will see if I can gain the attention of the developers, or at least gain enough popularity with players to have their votes mean something.

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