So, I've been reading up on people complaining about the Sorties recently.

While I am glad that the sorties have now been changed so I don't permanently get Nezha gear, and I know that they are working on it, there is always that feeling in my heart whenever I get a lens or booster, the feeling of "why do I even bother?"

Let me just quickly get my opinions on lenses and boosters out of the way first.

I no longer have a need for lenses, and unless they are Naramon or Zenurik, they aren't worth anything at all.

Secondly, I detest boosters illogically. While I agree that they are useful, it is the only Warframe reward that I have seen you require to actually play the game more to make use of it. I don't like the idea of starting down that road.

So, how can this be fixed? I saw a blog post or comment, can't remember who it was from, thanks if it was you :), about the possibility of a "take 2k endo" if you aren't happy with my reward. I am up to the stage now where I would take 2k endo over an upteenth Unairu lens.

But what if we went further? What if there was an option to forgo your reward, so you have your pick of the reward later? This fulfills the whole grinding aspect of Warframe, doesn't it?

Here's my solution.

You get your reward. You either decide to keep it or not. If you do, well, then we're done. If you don't, then you select the option to reject the reward. A tally is then added to your Sortie count. And once you complete a certain number of Sorties, bearing in mind it is cumulative and not consecutive, so you don't have to do it every day, you can pick a reward from a tier.

Say it may be 3 Sorties for a common, 5 for uncommon, 15 for Rare and a huge amount for Legendary Core. I've played hundreds of Sorties and never got a core, so this would make them a little attainable as well.

So, thoughts, opinions, suggestions, please comment below.

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