The Power Creep in the new Excalibur re-design is so blatant

Just even looking at the new stats, I can see that this change was made with no consideration towards the balance of the game as a whole. 225 armor? Seriously? That's a whole 20% more than Frost and Rhino, who are supposed to be the "tanky" frames of game and compensate by being slow. Clearly the devs just thought "Oh hey Excalibur needs to be more durable, so let's just give him some more points of that game-breaking unbalanced armor system and call it a day," instead of considering the deeper reason why Excalibur (and Ember) suddenly became too squishy instead of being appropriately balanced and slightly fragile, respectively.

The reason Excalibur and Ember fell behind so hard is because the enemies got more and more powerful in terms of both abilities and numerical strength in order to counteract the frames that can essentially render a room of enemies dead or harmless with the push of a button (which itself was only possible with the use of corrupted mods and forma, which I believe are the main causes for the brokenness of the game, but that's another article). Ember and Excalibur were close to being perfectly balanced for the old Warframe. What should have happened is the outlier frames were nerfed in line to fit the unforgiving roguelike (which yes, indeed is what Warframe felt like when it started out) dungeon crawler gameplay style, as opposed to turning Warframe into a horde grinder. But nope, we only just add on power creep as usual and cash in on it with a bunch of cosmetics for the new OP frame.

I don't even need to look at the new abilities, just the armor rating tells me enough about the thought processes of the devs as they went into redesigning Excalibur. But if I were to look at the abilities, I would say that they were slackfully designed buffs hidden behind a veil of novelty. "Hmmm. This new ult isn't powerful enough. You know what, we should just let players cast another one of their powers for free while the ult is active! Yeah, that's a brilliant and totally innovative idea!" No it isn't. It's lame and boring. It would be a different thing if every ult in the game was a duration based buff that allowed you to cast your other abilities for free temporarily, since that would be an intended gameplay mechanic and the game would have had to been designed around players going on berserk modes once in a while. But all it says in reality is that the devs couldn't think of anything else to add on to Excalibur's new ult.

And to those of you still drooling over the "brilliant" new synergy that is in Excalibur's new abilities and is "clearly" evidence of a new superior design philosophy that we will definitely see in future frames, let me break it to you. Yes, there is Synergy. But it is the exact same synergy that was in Valkyr's abilities (which is probably the best designed ability kit in the game to be honest). They didn't come up with anything new, they just rehashed a winning formula that they probably accidentally stumbled upon and pushed the power slide up a notch (not that there are many ways to design a melee frame but it should be their job as game designers, who went to 4 years of school for that kind of thing, to find a way around those restrictions).

Slash Dash and Ripline both serve as gap closers. Radial Blind and Warcry both serve to improve your performance in melee by making enemies less lethal (blinded/slowed) and giving you an offensive boost exclusive to melee (attack speed/stealth multiplier). Hysteria and the new Ult don't need any explaining, I hope. While Excalibur's ult is active, Slash Dash and Paralysis serve the same role, they are both "heavy attacks" for enemies that resist being cut apart easily. The playstyle is exactly the same: use lesser buff, melee, use heavy attack as necessary, use ult if overwhelmed while keeping buff active and still using heavy attacks, repeat from beginning when ult times out.

I will keep using Excalibur, but only as the Radial Blind spam machine players used him as before all this palaver started since that is the only viable way to use him in the current metagame that still bears some resemblance to his old design.

And sorry if this sounds angry, but that's what happens when all your hopes get shattered. Or perhaps it was wrong to hope that DE would ever make balance changes with the power balance of the whole game in mind.

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