• TerTig

    I was hyped for volt prime for half a year now, but he got me disappointed. 200 starting energy and 100 armor buff is good, but it still lacks of his main parameter- speed. Volt is the speed warframe, and I always wondered, why loki has more speed than volt. Its unlogical. I was hoping de will fix that with volt prime. Sadly, they didnt. So i want to know your opinion. Do you think volt prime needs a speed buff? Or he is good way it is?

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  • TerTig

    This topic is as easy as pie, what of these new features are you excited about.

    How exited are you about those things in 0-5 scale:

    If I forgot something, say in comments and I will add that in new poll.

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  • TerTig

    I Will be hosting a dueling tournament with check in plat and plat prizes. Here are the rules:

    No weapons other than melee( they can be equipped, but not used ).

    No companions.

    No Abilities.

    You can use any mods on warframes and melee weapons, as well as any warframe and melee weapon.

    Check in price is 10 plat. Winners will get 40,20 and 10 plat respectively for 1st,2nd and 3rd places if there is 8 people. On 16 people tournament plat prizes are raised to 80,40 and 20. Winner will also be able to change colors and add a deco on special winners dojo room ( I hope this will be not last tournament) if he wishes so trough special account.

    The tournament will start at 4 pm UTC 21-st January, so please check in 30 mins before its starts. Also please l…

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  • TerTig

    One more Relay down.

    December 24, 2014 by TerTig

    How long will this go on? How long are you going to ignore the threat? Do you really think that relays are so irrelevant that you should not attack Formorian just to see how they blow up? I am very sad. I tried my best trying to save the eurpa relay. In the 2 hours before relays destruction it got ~10% from ~40%. 30+% in 2 hours. The formorian was there for 36 hours. What is wrong with you people?

    Goodnight sweet prince, rest in peace Leonov Relay.

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  • TerTig

    Warning: This build is very high resource intensive.


    Rhino Prime is very unique warframe. It is very good offensive and defensive warframe,that can also support teammates and help them in sticky situation.

    Lets start with its abilities.

    Rhino Charge:

    This mod can be useful in duration+range build by the fact, that it will have a very big ability duration/range (both of those affect this mod), but in max power strength build + fleeting expertise it will be useless.

    Iron Skin:

    This is the most popular rhino ability and its sure is very useful. Rhino with Iron skin is very tough (even in high lvl def and surv) and can tank enemies fire on him, so that other frames wont be hit.


    One of the best support abilities in the game (IMHO), which …

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