I Will be hosting a dueling tournament with check in plat and plat prizes. Here are the rules:

No weapons other than melee( they can be equipped, but not used ).

No companions.

No Abilities.

You can use any mods on warframes and melee weapons, as well as any warframe and melee weapon.

Check in price is 10 plat. Winners will get 40,20 and 10 plat respectively for 1st,2nd and 3rd places if there is 8 people. On 16 people tournament plat prizes are raised to 80,40 and 20. Winner will also be able to change colors and add a deco on special winners dojo room ( I hope this will be not last tournament) if he wishes so trough special account.

The tournament will start at 4 pm UTC 21-st January, so please check in 30 mins before its starts. Also please let me know here who wants to participate so I know its 8 people one or 16.

Heres a list Of people who will participate:





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