Damage 2 (Tigris)


Fire + Ice = Blast


Fire + Ice = Blast

Master's Den Daily (Damage 2.0 Example) 

I wanted to talk about the new Damage 2.0 and show you a quick example of the elemental combination (Fire + Ice = Blast) and the outcome is ( Stun). I wanted to keep this Real simple so the new guys would visually see how the combinations of elements produce a damage type and the final effect. This is the Tigris Tenno Double Barrel Shotgun and alot of people do not understand how the trigger works.

( Pull the Trigger / Fast Release = Both Barrels Fire )

( Pull The Trigger / Hold Trigger = One Barrel Fires )

( Release The Trigger = Second Barrel Fires )

So Fast Click + Release Boom / Boom. Click + Hold Boom + Release Boom two different firing options. Holding the trigger makes the Tigris a single shot.

Now rerturning to Damage 2.0 and showing a simple example. Picture (Top) is the Statistics from arsenal looking at my Tigris build and showing the end result, ( Fire + Cold = Blast) Image 2 ( Middle ) shows the  ( Fire + Cold Mods ) and finally image 3 shows the Damage 2.0 Combination Chart on line.

Final Outcome > ( Fire Mod + Cold Mod = Blast ) and ( Blast = Stun )

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