I decided to forget about the Anonymous issue and get back to writing because I love Warframe and Wikia...

We need to discuss the whole issue of Prime Blue Prints and Legendary Cores because Warframe as a whole is exploding with anger over this issue and we need to let it out. I have 3100 hours in game, I am the Warlord of a 231 man Moon Clan, I have 7 months and 700 in real US Dollars invested. Most of the money was for Platinum and I give most of the Platinum away. I am very upset over this issue and when I hear new players laughing it up because they received the Legendary Fusion Cores I feel a rage inside. I am a Master on the Design Council, a Warlord but most importantly just a player like the rest of you. 7 months of blood, sweat, and tears and 7 months of using Wiki to locate Primes and now they give away the Prime Weapon Blue Prints for 5 Platinum each? I personally feel its a slap in the face and no one can say, it's ok because it's not. Searching the Void, finding the Primes, and *earning* the Primes (was) the reason we veterans still play.

We lost the heart of Warframe and I would like to hear the people speak on this issue...

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