Hello, my real name is Terry,I am on Facebook @ Terry3373 and I have been playing Warframe around 3 months now. I have my clan TheRighteous, I am retired so I play like 250 Hours a month. Once I get into a Game I play it and I apply myself. In 2 months I completed 9 Frames, 3 Prime Frames, 7 Pages of lvl 30 Weapons and every prime including Dakra. Dojo is finished Djinn is created, Synapse is final blueprint and I only need some Mutagen Samples. I did all of this alone in 2 months including Forma 2x 3x some the Frames and Weapons. I am a master on the Design Council. I was hesitant to post because I am so busy with other things I am not going to field a bunch of request here.

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