Graphic Setting


I'm sure a lot of you already noticed it , but for those that does not , playing Warframe on maxed out is not that High Graphic as you think. The In-Game Graphic Setting option DOF / Motion Blur and Color Correction damaging a lot of the ingame graphic.

Definately you noticed in some maps that you cant see nice to the enemies , or it's all to dark , to blue colored , or and texture and antialising is totall ugly when u zoom in your weapon by shooting , well that's the big fail of those two ingame options.

PLaying the game without them is much more cleaner , have a better look to the enemies in a big room , and all is not anymore so dark and colored , it's giving more a warm game graphic and that much more better. Here are a example with those option and without.

DOF / Motion Blur  / Color Correction ( OFF )             DOF / Motion Blur  / Color Correction ( ON )

Graphic 2
I'm turning  on all my Games the Vertical Sync OFF ( Ingame ) , becouse i'm managing the option trought my nVidia Control Panell to Adaptive. If you have any other tip's / triks how to get it look's better , show us.

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