• Th3LazyGiraffe

    So, DE has started to show teasers for the next big update: U18 The Second Dream. I heard somewhere that the update would come out on Dec. 2, and that's this upcoming wednesday!(also follows DE's update schedule.)

    I'm writing this blog to give some insight into what might be coming in update 18.

    DE has talked about a new quest to the game. What makes this quest special is that it will include cinematic cutscenes! Based on teaser #1, it looks like this quest will focus on the stalker and why he is hunting you (or something like that).

    DE has also talked about an orokin moon tileset. Based on the teaser for this one, it will either be dominated by corrupted, or (hopefully) sentients! Personally, what I think would be cool, is if the orokin moon…

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