So, DE has started to show teasers for the next big update: U18 The Second Dream. I heard somewhere that the update would come out on Dec. 2, and that's this upcoming wednesday!(also follows DE's update schedule.)

I'm writing this blog to give some insight into what might be coming in update 18.

New Quest:

DE has talked about a new quest to the game. What makes this quest special is that it will include cinematic cutscenes! Based on teaser #1, it looks like this quest will focus on the stalker and why he is hunting you (or something like that).

Orokin Moon:

DE has also talked about an orokin moon tileset. Based on the teaser for this one, it will either be dominated by corrupted, or (hopefully) sentients! Personally, what I think would be cool, is if the orokin moon was like a public void (since orokin void/derelict is private except for invitation) and each mission gave a chance to award umbra parts! This is just personal opinion on what would be good tho. According to teaser #4, the orokin moon tileset will be the main setting for the main setting for the "Sortie System" talked about in Devstream 64. This new system will feature difficult trials with unique rewards (like dera vandal, karak wraith and legendary core!). I guess this will be sort of like a solo raid gamemode.

New Weapons/Stance:

You can't have a new update without some new guns! Based on teaser #3, we will be getting 3 new weapons. First is a new sniper. The teaser says that its a super high powered sniper. This probably means it has incredibly high base damage, but low crit chance for balance. Next is Castana mines. I say castana mines because the teaser hints that they explode and they look like castanas. Finally we will be getting a new melee. From the view they give us in the picture, its hard to make out exactly what kind of weapon it is. When I look at it, it looks like a pair of scissors. Since the mios functions somewhat like that I'm going to guess it's a new blade & whip. The teaser says it's from an enemy so my guess is it will be a sentient Blade & Whip. Which is pretty awesome. Finally, we might be getting a new sword stance in U18! The combos were displayed during Devstream 64 and look really awesome! Your can see them here

New Conclave:

I'm not much of one for conclave so I tend to ignore conclave updates, but I intend to cover all the upcoming content for the next update (stay user-friendly and stuff). We will be getting a new lunar map. warframes added to the conclave will be Vauban, Nekros, Mirage, Limbo, and the new warframe (see below). Other than that I can't really say much.

New Warframe:

The archer themed warframe will be coming in update 18! Her name was revealed during Devstream 64: Ivara. Ivara parts will be spy mission rewards. Her abilities include: Firing various types of arrows (noise arrows, sleep arrows, etc.), firing personal ziplines, invisiblility, and taking out her bow and dishing out a ton of damage! Personally, I understand the reason DE would make a completely stealth based frame, I just don't think it's needed. Missions are almost always fast-paced and "not stealthy", which is why the devs made this frame. But why would you use your stealth frame for a solo exterminate when you could rush through the mission in half the time? The only reasons I see is "because I can" or "because it's fun". Personally, if I'm stealthing a mission, I'll bring Loki or Wukong.

Various Other Additions:

Talked about in Devstream 64, this section includes other updates to the game that are not as exciting.

Revive 2.0: Warframes will no longer have 4 revives per day. They will have 4 revives per mission. The revive counter resets every time a mission finishes.

Trading Relay: Trading will now be done in trading relays. This allows people to trade even when they are not in a clan.

MagP PBR: Mag Prime will be getting PBR'd. Her gold plates will now look like actual gold now. Yay!

Login Rewards 2.0:  Login rewards will be redone and improved. Now players will be rewarded based on total days logged on, rather than days logged on in a row. Players will not be awarded items they already have, and possibly recieve special rewards that can't be gotten any other way.

New Simulacrum: The simulacrum will be made better through some black magic.

You can check out the teasers here:

Have a good day!

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