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    First of all, I will make sections for those people who go by the rule TL/DR


    I am a fan of Dual Zorens since... since very long time...

    In the past, I made comparison between melee weapons with high speed and high crit. Recently, I've noticed how great Naramon Focus tree is for using them (mostly for Shadow Step).

    I wasn't really giving it much thought, I just went with anything that has even a "little bit of crit". But then I got interested in Excalibur's Exalted Blade. What weapon with which mods would be the best etc.

    But the final push for me was (as usual) comment section below Dual Raza article. So I thought "I think it's time for another Fast'Crit weapon comparison".

    The results are quite interesting (for me at…

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  • TheGrayJacket


    Despite what everyone said in Helios comments (tl;dr), I believe Sentinels were introduced to assist Tenno in their missions in some way.

    One would take a wrong turn thinking that it is made to increase your DPS (or potency). I believe Sentinels are chosen based on one small ability that makes your grinding easier (because what else you do in Warframe, amrite? :D ).

    Shade: Ghost, helpful when in a pinch. It attacks only when master is attacked.

    Wyrm: Crowd Dispersion, helpful in a pinch. It attacks when enemy is in range.

    Dethcube: Vaporize, deals quite amount of damage and stuns (if not kills) first enemy who gets too close to you (or when you get too close to the enemy). Also, DC have the greatest attack range trigger of all Sentine…

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  • TheGrayJacket


    Inspired by Darthmufin and his blog post ( I decided to write about my worries about update 11. Let's get to it:

    Good Things!

    • Alad V, Sargas Ruk - Rework
    • New Warframe (honestly, I expected this when I heard: "Deberzerker" LINK)
    • New Tileset!

    Meh - things.

    • New weapons
    • Codex
    • Ember Prime

    Worrysome Things:

    • Damage 2.0
    • Codex (2nd time here)

    Damage 2.0 as a new feature, that took place for "Damage 1.0" was certainly a good thing. Seeing how elements worked in the previous version, and how enemies levels were scaling, it couldn't be better.

    I remember when I started the game, I looked up most dangerous planets and thought "What the hell? lvl 45-60? I can level up stuff…

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  • TheGrayJacket


    I'd like to start discussion about lore part of recent event.

    First of all, we do we have to choose sides? We are Tenno. We might not be strongest, but we are not the weakest in the solar system. We all might not be Honorable Knights, but we all are not just mercenaries. But still, this event makes us divided.

    In role-playing manner, I don't want to take part in Grineer's further expantion, neither I want to leave Tenno Cryopods to the hands of greedy Alad V. Sadly, I can't have both. What can I have then?

    Rewards. This is what this event is all about.

    "But TGJ u are so stoopid, we fight for !"

    I agree, lore-wise, we have to choose. I am just wondering, why is that Corpus, being the Merchant Cult and all, wouldn't always have better d…

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  • TheGrayJacket

    Yellow and Red Damage

    September 29, 2013 by TheGrayJacket


    Other than normal white hits, yellow numbers are confusing. There are 2 types of "yellow" damage.

    1) Crit damage numbers

    When you deal white damage to the enemy, yellow numbers are crits

    2) Stealth Damage numbers

    When you deal damage to enemy, who is not in "battle-mode", in situations such as:
    • not being aware of your presence (stealth)
    • using console [need testing]
    • "taunting" (infected runners and leapers tend to "lean" or "bend" before attacking) [need testing]
    • or (most common) dealing melee damage while being invisible.

    The second type of yellow hits, regardless of critical multiplier, always deal double damage (2x). So no matter if you use Galatine or Dual Ichor with Organ Shatter, these strikes hit for 2x.

    There are also times when aside from seeing w…

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