Greetings! As I promised, it is here:  Fang vs Fang Prime vs Dual Zoren vs Dual Cleavers vs Dual Ichor vs Dual Ether vs Galatine

Link to Google Drive Spreadsheet -> This has not been changed yet. Storing updated data on my drive for now.

The purpose of my calculations was to compare and select best dual weapon from those listed above. These calculations might be something to argue about, yet I believe I judged every single weapon under same equations. The numbers which appear in the spreadsheet might not be alike numbers which appear in the game. If you spent some time modding a weapon listed above, numbers in-game might be even better.

I made special rules for Fang and Fang Prime in the spreadsheet, as they are slighty diffrent. First of all - I tried not to filter them through armor reduction multipliers, and three-slash strike was mentioned only at the very end, in the red colored rows.

Feel free to post your opinion about advantages and disadvantages of those weapons in the comment section.


To calculate the diffrences, I set-off with following assumptions:

Weapons have 30 level with Orokin Catalyst installed.

Following Mods are mentioned: Pressure Point [8], Fury [8], True Steel [8], Organ Shatter [9], Shocking Touch [8], Molten Impact [8], North Wind [8], Killing Blow, Reflex Coil

(@edit: I deleted Sundering Strike [7], because of too many random variations regarding armor penetration)

Some mods could be always switched with other ones. I recommend Berserker [9] for extra attack speed.

I shall post final results here. If you are interested in more numbers, visit the Spreadsheet link above (not fixed... yet)

Table of DPS
DPS 294 306 475 672 874 374 423
Stealth DPS 622 648 943 757 985 421 508
Vs Infested 882 919 475 336 437 1121 1269
Stealth dmg vs inf 1866 1944 943 379 492 1262 1524
Charge DPS 327 327 565 386 535 297 720
IS Charge DPS 1446 1446 2497 1709 2366 1314 2400
Vs Infested 981 981 1693 193 267 891 2160
Stealth dmg vs inf 4337 4337 7491 854 1183 3943 7200
  • IS - In Stealth              LI - Light Infested           *DPS - Damage per second

Please not that in Charge DPS table, Pressure Point and Fury mods has been exchanged to yield proper results (as you couldn't possibly fit all those mods in a weapon)


Dual Zoren :

+ Hits up to 3 targets with each swing

+ Fastest Aerial Slide Boost (called "Zorencopter" [lol]) of all weapons on the list (and probably currently in the game). This advantage can make a diffrence vs Dual Cleavers, regardless of slightly better DPS (especially for slower classes)

@Edit: + Now you know why Frost holds Dual Zorens on his blueprint icon :)

- IMO Dealing damage with this weapon is recommended for Loki and Ash only (because of Invisibility and Smoke Bomb, respectively)

- Not recommended for players who suffer low framerates in the game. 3 attacks per second turns into 1,1.

- Zoren are faster, but deal lower Damage (per strike)


Dual Cleavers :

+ Hits up to 3 targets with each swing

+ Better damage per strike, but slower - better choice for lower framerates.

+ Slightly better than Dual Zorens.

- IMO Dealing damage with this weapon is recommended for Loki and Ash only (because of Invisibility and Smoke Bomb, respectively)

- For the price of slightly better DPS, Dual Cleavers have much slower Aerial Slide Boost.

@Edit: IMHO, Dual Zorens are still better because of unofficial "zorencopter" ability.


Dual Ichor :

+ Hits up to 3 targets with each swing

+ Poison damage bypasses armor.

- Deals x1 damage to Light Infested

- Requires Mastery lvl 6 to build.

- "Costs an arm and a leg" (Clan with Bio Room, Forma , 200k credits + a lot more resources than two above combined)

- IMO Dealing damage with this weapon is recommended for Loki and Ash only (because of Invisibility and Smoke Bomb, respectively)


Fang /Fang Prime :

+ +50% damage to medium Grineer units.

+ Insane barrage of attacks

+ Highest Charge Damage on the list (2*90)

+ Best non-stealth damage

- Hits only 1 target with each swing

- Doesn't stagger enemy on hit

- Fang Prime could be even harder to acuire than Dual Ichor (due to RNG and/in The Void runs)


NEW: Dual Ether:

+ Hits up to 3 targets with each swing

- "Slide, jump and wall attacks do not deal damage that ignores armor, but instead Blade damage"

- No Polarities


NEW: Galatine: Wins all awards

+ Spamming Charge attack can yield better results than normal swinging with any other weapon on the list...


So I fixed my spreadsheet a little, and now, if you have any recommendations about melee weapon, I can just paste it to my spreadsheet and post results :)

Let me know if something is wrong with the numbers. Thank to your feedback, I was able to realise great amount of errors in math.

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