I'd like to start discussion about lore part of recent event.

First of all, we do we have to choose sides? We are Tenno. We might not be strongest, but we are not the weakest in the solar system. We all might not be Honorable Knights, but we all are not just mercenaries. But still, this event makes us divided.

In role-playing manner, I don't want to take part in Grineer's further expantion, neither I want to leave Tenno Cryopods to the hands of greedy Alad V. Sadly, I can't have both. What can I have then?

Rewards. This is what this event is all about.

"But TGJ u are so stoopid, we fight for <insert lore-wise reason here>!"

I agree, lore-wise, we have to choose. I am just wondering, why is that Corpus, being the Merchant Cult and all, wouldn't always have better deal for is in "Battle Pay" option. The sides are too balanced. Rewards are too balanced (but still Grineer had better rewards so far).

As for Grineer, they control most of the system. They do what they want. But only reason they allow Tenno to fight for them? They take them for granted, and also, we have better chance rescuing Sleeping Tenno (if Alad wouldn't have dissected them by now, event lasts a week)

I am still waiting for the final outcome of things, but everything looks like Grineer's gonna win anyway. And that is - because of rewards.

I still like the game though. And the event. What do you think?

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