Research Purpose: Efficency of drop rates on Tethys depending on the time spent.

Warframe: 30lvl potatoed Ash

Mods: Master Thief 40%, Rush 25%, Thief's Wit 30m, Spare Parts (sentinel) 45%, Marathon 125%, Shield Flux 100%


First Run - Exploring every nook (Time spent: ~30 min)

Total Resources: 


  • Total Kills: 268
  • Pickup Count: 1041
  • Spare Parts Loot: none

To make proper comparison, I would have to spend as much time speedrunning it as I spent exploring.

Speedruns: (+time between maps (loading etc) 1 min

  • 4 min, 1 detonite ampule, 18 plastids, 1 mod
  • 5 min, 2 detonite ampule, 1 mod (one detonite from Spare Parts)
  • 4 min, 154 nano spores, 1 mod
  • 4 min, detonite ampule, 1 mod
  • 4 min, orokin cell, 1 mod

It took 5 speedruns (~21 min) killing Boss only to look my first Orokin cell.

Early conclusion: If someone wants quick Orokin Cell, speedruns seem the best option. However, if more Orokin Cells are needed (ie. Prime Weapons) it seems best to sit a little longer and explore. It was fun making this research, although it is a little poor right now. If you have some experiences with farming Orokin Cells on Tethys, please write a comment. With more people in it, we can make proper statistics!

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