Inspired by Darthmufin and his blog post ( I decided to write about my worries about update 11. Let's get to it:

Good Things!

  • Alad V, Sargas Ruk - Rework
  • New Warframe (honestly, I expected this when I heard: "Deberzerker" LINK)
  • New Tileset!

Meh - things.

  • New weapons
  • Codex
  • Ember Prime

Worrysome Things:

  • Damage 2.0
  • Codex (2nd time here)

Damage 2.0 as a new feature, that took place for "Damage 1.0" was certainly a good thing. Seeing how elements worked in the previous version, and how enemies levels were scaling, it couldn't be better.

I remember when I started the game, I looked up most dangerous planets and thought "What the hell? lvl 45-60? I can level up stuff to 30 only!" Now it is more like "If I have lvl 30 stuff and go to lvl 30 mission I should be able to handle it"

Element combinations are easy to remember, yet the problem is, what is it effective with? When I play Warframe, I always have Warframe Wiki's Damage 2.0 page opened, so I can look up "Ok, this one won't do thing against Infected" or things like that. Still, we can install maximum of 2 elements (effects, not mods) on weapon, and we can further increase main damage output of a weapon with a second mod (fe: Vectis: Serration + Piercing Hit or Tigris: Point Blank + Shredder).

My first worry here: these mods are expensive. Firstly, because you need to get it (and I'll cry and cry and never transmute damned Pathogen Rounds) and secondly, drain points. Considering how much % of damage we are getting for 9 points drain mod (30% for rifles)  these mods usage level is somewhere near Maglev and Warm Coat (pessimistic).

Pistols and Melee mods are uncommon and rare in that order, but they grant more damage and cost 7 points at max rank (60% for pistols and 90% for melee). Of course, I am talking about damage type mods. Elemental mods are fine, though they could make every elemental mod increase bonus by 15% per rank (like Convulsion or North Wind)

Another worrysome thing when it comes to modding weapons for damage 2.0: Stun was replaced by status.

When I think about modifications I mean "So, I shall install this modification to my weapon because I want this specific attribute to be better (or to exist even), so I shall make my Ignis set flames on enemies more often" Great Idea! Let's do this. Let's max the mod, put it here and see... oh... no status chance increase? Not at all? Sad.

What I want to see is that Status chance mods won't increase status chance by % but by normal value. For example: Status chance is 1%. I install 30% status chance mod. Poof. 31%. This way this mod will find uses. Otherwise it will be a good card for fusion or just market junk.

But of course! 30% would be too much! That was just an example. They could make it % increase, but not 30%. More like... 100%... please?

DE: No! Buy platinum!


Did you know, that since u11 red number for boosted dmg crits were removed? It's not like the damage is gone, but it is not red text'd anymore.

And for the last: Affinity

Affinity is bad. It is worse than bad. I invited my brother to play warframe, and he's been playing a lot lately. After 5 days I asked him: "Hey, you lvl 30 yet on your Mag?" he says: "Nope, 15"

What the hell? I remember that once I formatted Vastos twice one day without booster. What has happened?

With more Mastery Rank benefits, I decided to level up all my non-30 lvl weapons. And I've been leveling them since then.

From what I see, affinity per enemy is lower. And overwhelming amounts of enemies isn't going to work (uless I use AoE damage, but all sources of it are already ranked 30)

This part is explained by Darthmuffin already. So I won't torture you with even more text, I'll just redirect you to his blog post (up here , 3rd line in my post).

What I want to say about this, is that it shouldn't be reverted to old level system. It should be scaled better with current system.

For example: Enemy on 1 lvl grants 50 affinity, scaled [50 affinity + enemy level (so that same enemy on 30 lvl would grant 79)]. Killing 100 of them would grant 5000 affinity + Mission Complete bonus, which should be [Average level of enemies killed] + 10% = 11%. 5000*111% = 5550 Affinity. Both to your warframe and weapon you used to kill enemy, not shared. And 10% of affinity for every item if the enemy was killed by someone else.

Note that this was just an example. Numbers can be tweaked for best result.

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