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  • TheGuyNamedTom

    Alright,I know you guys have made several points and perspectives on the Interception mode.

    In case you were wondering what gear I have,here they are:


    Primary weapons:Tigris,Hind,Paris Prime

    Secondary weapons:Azima,Aksomati,Seer(this one made the Earth Interception mission ridiculously easy)


    So,erm, the Seer must have been the key.

    Becuz that was how I managed to whack all 4 points.

    BUT, the point here is, can one solo Tenno complete an Interception mission, WHATEVER GEAR THEY HAVE?

    When it comes to maps,Grineer missions are the choice.

    But the Corpus? They may have the enviroment to their advantage.

    But what they DON'T have is their forces.

    See,most of their guys are robotics. And, those MOAS and Ospreys don't know how…

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  • TheGuyNamedTom

    They're virtually impossible to solo, and nobody likes them anyway.

    Come on, hardly anyone can manage 4 control points all by themselves.

    And if they TRY to match up with a squad,they usually get no result.

    'Cause like I said, no-one likes them.

    Now,apparantly someone said the best way to defeat enemies and save your control points is to NOT kill them,but instead inflict rapid debuffs on them, like Disarm, Confusion, Slow, blah blah.

    Unfortunately,I find no point in that.

    For starters, they'll reach the Control Point ANYWAY.

    Disarm? They still have a weapon, so they can still make beelines for the points.

    Confusion? Works, but not forever. Plus, it makes enemies KILL each other, which kind of defeats the purpose.

    Slow? I think it goes without sayin…

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