I have put over 600 hours playing Warframe and I love it. Its a great game with a good fanbase (even if there are a few dark corners here and there) but there is a major problem in Warframe that I wish would just disappear one day, never to come back ever again. But what is this problem you may ask?

This main problem I'm typing about in Warframe is Enemy levels.

The reason why I think Enemy levels are a main problem is because its artificial difficulty at its worst form as the Enemy levels don't do anything special, they just increase the health and damage of Enemies (as you already know).

Since Enemy levels vary from planet to planet, players who play at high level planet want a certain Warframe ability (or weapon) buffed to suit their needs but this upsets players who play at mid to low level areas that say that the abilities or weapons that are used by the high level players are overpowered and need a nerf.

This causes a conflict between the players that still plagues Warframe to this day and there are other problems Enemy levels cause like getting one-shotted by an Enemy in a high level planet because its damage far exceeds your health and no matter how much damage you do, the enemy just has so much health which makes soloing a complete nightmare to play and stealth attacks almost useless.

If DE got rid of Enemy levels and stick to one or few levels that's reasonable for both Casual and Veteran players, they would know what abilities and weapons need a buff or nerf without conflicting between the two types of players and find much more better ways to increase difficulty like:

  • Areas on planets each have separate tiers (like the void) that increase the difficulty
  • Much more expansive levels.
  • More common Enemy leaders.
  • Faster Enemies in terms of movement and better A.I for them.
  • Missions are more prone to either change or extend the mission with objectives and levels have more chance to have a cryo leak or self-destruct environmental hazards.
  • Alarms work differently for each faction.
  1. Grineer would have the tracking devise that is present in every faction when the alarms go off exclusively. 
  2. Corpus would have alarms that would activate Moa pods and Osprey wall spawners so Moa and Ospreys are not present when the corpus are unalerted because there is no punishment for triggering the alarms in corpus tilesets.

Anyway thats just my opinion, but what do you guys think? Do you think Enemy levels are good thing for Warframe and should stay or do you think Enemy levels are a plague in Warframe that needs to be axed?

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