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  • TheStag

    Now, I just want to clear this up. Some people claim this or that is the most powerful in the game, however I know the weapons that completely outclass all other weapons. No matter what the level the enemy is, these weapons can instakill that enemy.

    It is simple, the most powerful weapons in the game are...

    Sheev Karyst Heat Dagger Ceramic Dagger Dark Dagger

    Assuming the enemies scale endlessly, all weapons EXCEPT daggers will eventually fall off in damage.

    There is one reason for this...

    Covert Lethality

    Ok I'm done. Go get yourself one of these weapons and the Covert Lethality mod and win the game.

    In response to some comments: Go into the simulacrum and try to 1 hit kill a level 100 Drekar Manic Bombard. You won't. I have tried the Tonkor, t…

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  • TheStag

    This is a fairly simple post. I would like to get the word out about Warframe Wiki's lack of PvP information.

    Due to the constant balances, additions and changes to the PvP arsenal, it is difficult to keep up with everything. However, Warframe Wiki is very much so behind on getting information on the damage output of weapons in the conclaves. Today I added several weapons to the PvP Weapons Comparison chat, and some have been out for a fairly long time such as the Anku and Prisma Grakata.

    Here is the chart.

    Basically, I would like to get people working to get this up-to-date so that it will be a functional resource for information-hungry Tenno. Another think that I would like Wiki users to …

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  • TheStag

    I killed the Stalker

    April 28, 2013 by TheStag

    I was surrounded by grineer during a solo match. A grineer heavy gunner was keeping me under my cover, when the lights started to flash. I soon got taunts from the stalker. He eventually came into the room I was in. He was level 45. I jumped onto some boxes and he did a slash dash into them and glitched in. I killed him while he was stuck. Simple.

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