This is a fairly simple post. I would like to get the word out about Warframe Wiki's lack of PvP information.

Due to the constant balances, additions and changes to the PvP arsenal, it is difficult to keep up with everything. However, Warframe Wiki is very much so behind on getting information on the damage output of weapons in the conclaves. Today I added several weapons to the PvP Weapons Comparison chat, and some have been out for a fairly long time such as the Anku and Prisma Grakata.

Here is the chart.

Basically, I would like to get people working to get this up-to-date so that it will be a functional resource for information-hungry Tenno. Another think that I would like Wiki users to do, along with getting the information, is finding a way to make this chart with PvP weapon stats more available. It actually took me a while to find this chart, and this should be a resource a player can find very quickly. One suggestion I think may work is having a link to the PvP stats of a weapon on the bottom of the weapon's page (if it is useable in the conclaves of course.

So ya... lets work on this very lacking section of the wiki.


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