• TheXeon

    Hello ,

    Don't know if you will read this, but me and my mate found a "new " way to farm any boss within a few seconds. It involves using a Trinity's maxed Energy Vampire+Continuity+Constitution+Aura Helm (Give or take a few of those) and Nova's maxed Molecular Prime. All you need to do is cast both abilities on a single boss and watch as thousands of damage flies off their body. Unfortunately, this damage is not armor ignore, though it still takes a chunk of damage. Since Energy Vampire takes off a certain percent of health (or so it seems), the amount of damage you do is all based on what level the boss is and how much armor He/She/It has. My mates and I were able to take down every single boss with an exact average of 3.23 seconds.

    Don't k…

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  • TheXeon


    August 11, 2013 by TheXeon

    Just came into the wiki. Been playing warframe for a while and have some knowledge to share. I believe I can contribute and smooth out errors in grammar and such.

    Here for now,


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