Hello ,

Don't know if you will read this, but me and my mate found a "new " way to farm any boss within a few seconds. It involves using a Trinity's maxed Energy Vampire+Continuity+Constitution+Aura Helm (Give or take a few of those) and Nova's maxed Molecular Prime. All you need to do is cast both abilities on a single boss and watch as thousands of damage flies off their body. Unfortunately, this damage is not armor ignore, though it still takes a chunk of damage. Since Energy Vampire takes off a certain percent of health (or so it seems), the amount of damage you do is all based on what level the boss is and how much armor He/She/It has. My mates and I were able to take down every single boss with an exact average of 3.23 seconds.

Don't know if this technique is new, but just wanted to inform you of the possibilites.

Catch you later,



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