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  • The Completionist

    Hello, and firstly I would like to say, although it should be obvious, that these are my own opinions and analysis of each of the Warframe's abilities. It's perfectly fine to disagree as this is just my own opinion. Also, please note that the listed frames in each tier is just alphabetical and doesn't mean one is better than the other.

    Corpus and Grineer defence are similar, Volt is the only frame I would rate differently for each, so no point in seperating these out yet.

    Tier 1 Corpus/Grineer: Highly Desirable, some of the best options for Corpus/Grineer Defence:

    Banshee - Her 1 and 2 skills is why she earns a slot here, although in less organised teams and pubs she may have diminished effect, as if allies don't target the weak points createā€¦

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