The Splentforcer

aka Splentforcer, the lord of hamshacks

  • I live in France/germany
  • I was born on April 13
  • My occupation is I WANT TO BECOME A MEME
  • I am depends on what is needed
  • The Splentforcer

    Origin of the post

    This blog comes from a post i wanted to make to answer to another blog, but i realized it was way too long be simply be a comment, so there it is 

    (the source of the blog : 

    note: i'm not blaming the bloger, this thread was just what started this reflexion the comments are more interesting than the blog itself, to be honest)

    Edit note :

    changed a bit how the text was organized remove some dumb things that made my opinion really unclear (thx for the comments pointing it)

    Aim and goals of the post

    The aim of this post is to point out the current release, considering the problems with the devs, general opinion of the community and explaining why this u…

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