Origin of the post

This blog comes from a post i wanted to make to answer to another blog, but i realized it was way too long be simply be a comment, so there it is 

(the source of the blog :

note: i'm not blaming the bloger, this thread was just what started this reflexion the comments are more interesting than the blog itself, to be honest)

Edit note :

changed a bit how the text was organized remove some dumb things that made my opinion really unclear (thx for the comments pointing it)

Aim and goals of the post

The aim of this post is to point out the current release, considering the problems with the devs, general opinion of the community and explaining why this update can be taken as a good thing

Balance and riven mod : not that bad

I was wondering about the current balance, the objectives of the devs, the current realeses and the new riven mods system,

some where bitching about the damage system or the current weapon balance

i mean, what can be reworked is the level scaling of mobs,

how many time we saw the huge gap beetween lvl 90-100-130 mobs ? 100 they are pretty tought, but then some ennemies (specially corrupted gunners & bombards when you go doing tests in the room) are complete giant sponges, 

but now, who the hell do void survivals ? 

people are maybe expecting too much from it and get quickly frustrated.

What some players could have think

When the riven system came it was like :

"you grind all the op weapon cauz of the power creep but...."

"but then when you got thoose riven mods, you are getting surprised on destorying a streroïd boosted corrupted Bombard lvl 140 of them in one single burston clip..."

"then you poop in your pants regarding that all mighty power"

"then you grind the rivenmods"

"then you get too hyped for the riven yu are looking for,"

"then after 2 riven mods you dont get what yu wanted"

"then a lot of peop complains about the rng"

"then they go on the forum and puke your hate"

quite ironic isn't it ?

Investing some kuvas into those failure mods and sell them for a good amount of guilty plat is quite a good idea. I only got 2 riven mods for buzlok and synapse, but instead of bitching out, i will invest into them trying to sort a good cycle and trade/sell them in order to get somearcanes or rivens i'm looking for. 

Is there still a weapon meta ?

Here, I aim to show the reason of the complains for the rivens, and quickly talk about the weapon "meta" :

it is really like that the current weapon meta is....random based , the weapon hierarchy and tiers are blowed up by the most powerfull riven mods.

i don't think that riven mods destroy the current balance....

but it is like theres is no more unbalance nor balance

what i mean is that now we dont truly know which weapon is completely godlike and broken because (with a lot of luck , patience and investement) some rivened weap with the right set can compete them. I see this as a good thing, because we have a larger weapon choice. 

DE : a welcome action from them

I want to quickly speak about the behavior of DE

We are quite lucky to have a strong community based game, but i have the feel that theres is a kind of hostility in the relationship Devs - Community (and i think this is dangerous) 

we forget that warframe is a game that is one of a kind, we still play that game, we bitch about it because we love it, and a love relationship isn't only about happyness,  remember that warframe is way close to a MMO, grinding is a thing, and with the level scal, it should be the priority

You can compare Warframe With Destiny (btw they made a lot of improvement since the failure it was doomed to be) 

(Be aware: i never played Destiny, only watched friends playing it, my opinion is from an external point of view !)

now that Dest is getting better thanks to the feedback and devs taking care of the com, warframe get bashed by its community,

all the recent warframes nerfs/buffs (specially for tryinity) pissed me really off (as i'm still waiting the Oberon Rework)

when you try to have fun in wf, you will first have to grind to get your gears, (like all MMo perhaps ?) the real fun only comes when you're full geared (arcane stuff obtained, full potatoed weapons & frames, mods maxed ect....)....and of course play with friends !

But a lot of people do not have the patience for it, isn't that because they forget that wf/dest are closer to a MMRPG shooter than simply to a shooter ? 

In the current state, my opinion used to be really bad about DE, I had the feel that they never give a shit to what the whinning com was crying about, i have the feel that they are getting somehow arrogant (like some studios such as From Softwares things but somehow ignore some true aspects , like for Dark souls 3 pvp about the spacing and timing but thats another story) .

But when i wonder about that new system, i realise that DE isn't the evil grandma that slaps you everyday. That update is a good thing, and maybe a level scaling isn't necessary because we may have a larger weapon choice, of course, only for those who can get the right mods

so the issue seems to be more about the Rng thing than the Grind

how should it work ?

(apology for that non organised huge comment fullfilled with middle and humble english grammar skills, i will try to organize this post a bit more and add some elements from the comments) 

thx to have read this to the end !

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