• Thelostcompany

    was a exploite i noticed today i think there is not much to say about it pls poste other buggs you noticed

    herse a nother

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  • Thelostcompany

    If Banshee Rhino Volt and Nova would all do there buff skill would the formular look like this

    base dmg = d

    d x 2  x 1,5  x 11 x 2

    and for the elementel dmg it would be

    e= additional dmg

    e x 2 x 11 x2

    with a lanka (250 base dmg ) modded with

    max serration = + 165 % base dmg

    max heavy caliber = +165 % base dmg

    max stormbringer = + 90% electric dmg

    max hellfire =  +90% fire dmg

    max cryo Rounds = + 90% ice dmg

    max wildfire = +60% fire dmg

    max Multichamber Chamber =+90% multishot

    max Piercing Hit =+60% armor piercing dmg

    would be a base dmg of 1075

    968 electro dmg

    968 ice dmg

    1613 fire dmg

    645 armor piercing dmg

    so with out multi shot a total dmg of 5269dmg and with multi shot 10538dmg

    with the skills it would be 96760 armour ignoring and 194216 mixed element dmg …

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