If Banshee Rhino Volt and Nova would all do there buff skill would the formular look like this

base dmg = d

d x 2  x 1,5  x 11 x 2

and for the elementel dmg it would be

e= additional dmg

e x 2 x 11 x2

with a lanka (250 base dmg ) modded with

max serration = + 165 % base dmg

max heavy caliber = +165 % base dmg

max stormbringer = + 90% electric dmg

max hellfire =  +90% fire dmg

max cryo Rounds = + 90% ice dmg

max wildfire = +60% fire dmg

max Multichamber Chamber =+90% multishot

max Piercing Hit =+60% armor piercing dmg

would be a base dmg of 1075

968 electro dmg

968 ice dmg

1613 fire dmg

645 armor piercing dmg

so with out multi shot a total dmg of 5269dmg and with multi shot 10538dmg

with the skills it would be 96760 armour ignoring and 194216 mixed element dmg for total of 290976 dmg

with multi shot it would be 193520 armour ignoring and 388432 mixed element dmg for total of 581952 dmg

with headshot it would be 387040 armour ignoring and 776864 mixed element dmg for total of 1163904 dmg

with crit it would do 580560 armour ignoring and 1165296 mixed element dmg for a total of of 1745856 dmg

can any 1 prove this for me ?

sry for my bad english and the wrrong spelling

edit : still no rifel amp aura in the calculation

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