So anyways to all those out there.

Sorry for breaking the wikia for about an hour last night. If you don't know, I single handily redid the main and the Warframe and weapon templates to cats. This was a mild plan by only me that I was doing months ago. I set it for late in the evening MST hoping that it would be a moment of people wondering and a few laughs to be had. The reaction was quite a bit more negative than I had hoped for. Many people couldn't navigate around and as such my prank is not a prank and considered general vandalism by many. I know being the internet though, this isn't acceptable at all. Though I can apologize, I know this will not be enough of anything for many, but sorry again for ruining an hour of your internets last night.

That being said, please post your opinion on the topic here. If requested by many, I'll step down and out from Warframe. You guys have several dozen admins and such that are quite a decent amount better than I.

Edit: In final, Sorry again. I'll see about making next year a bit better

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