So awhile back on the forums I made a post in the main forums about clans. It's reached an archive point, but for reference check here, so I'd love to hear some feedback here from the general wiki goers. Without further ado, the Matter Forge.

Matter Forge

The Matter Forge is a piece of Orokin Technology salvaged from Orokin towers that allows the user to combine resources into different types. The Orokin often used this technology to transform common materials into more useful ones. Due to the loss of the Orokin themselves, how to properly use this technology has been lost and in many cases the users can transform the materials to a lesser extent. Functional parts of these machines have only been found in the void thus far, and the blueprints that have been found show they require massive amounts of energy.

This is a room for the Clan Dojo.

  • Requires:
    • 25 Space
    • 50 Energy
  • Dead End Room.


The Blueprint can be researched in the Oracle room, but requires Unique Salvage that can only be obtained in the Void Missions. Once researched, can be built like a normal room in the dojo.

What does it do

This room allows users to convert resources into other resources. The user can upgrade them from one level to the next, downgrade resources, and lastly completely transform a resource from one type to another.

Upgrades resources

  • Common > Uncommon
    • 3000 > 100
  • Uncommon > Rare
    • 300 > 1

Downgrade Resources

  • Rare > Uncommon
    • 1 > 100
  • Uncommon > Common
    • 300 > 1000

Transmogrify Resources

  • Common > Common
    • 5000 > 2000
  • Uncommon > Uncommon
    • 200 > 50
  • Rare > Rare
    • 5 > 1


Why am I losing resources?

In a fluff perspective, it's because the user does not understand the technology fully. In a game design perspective, it's so the player has to make a choice if it's worth their time to farm resources to convert or simply try and get the resource themselves.

How many times as I can do this?

Players queue one conversion at a time. The possibility of upgrading to do multiple is out there though!

How long between uses?

1 Hour per conversion.

How much can I queue at a time?

Up to 10 times the base amount.


Use the Oracle Room

To provide an actual use to the Oracle Room, the Room must be researched from the Oracle Room.

Change the materials

Rather than have Gallium, Rubedo, and Control Modules drop in the void, we have different types of Orokin Salvage drop that is used in researching and crafting the rooms relating to Orokin Tech.

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