So we recently gained access to the Orokin Void with the use of Void Keys. To start, it's gorgeous. The tall hallways and golden inlaid arches gives a very religious feel to the entire structure. The root and tree structures have a creepy elegance to them with the small inlays of electronics in them.

Now for the really interesting points:

Time based puzzles

  • Rushers - Hit the button and get to the goal. Exactly what a lot of people who rush want. A test of speed to get a cool prize, usually mods.
  • Explorers - Most of these rooms are off the beaten path. Finding them rewards players with loot.

Hidden Switches and traps

  • Explorers - Hit buttons in a order and get loot? New Indiana Jones in the making!
  • Rushers - Traps actually test rushers to be more aware of their surroundings. One false step during their speed course and they end up with more than they bargained for.


The Corrupted are an interesting mesh of enemies. First there is no False Difficulty enemies like Rollers, Scorpions, or Ancient Disruptors. Instead we have two gunner types that use the popup cover around the area fairly intelligently. Then we have the heavy gunners that don't really use the cover, but force players to think on their feet and use that cover themselves. We have shield ospreys that make players choose what an important target is and utilize strategy to overcome enemy tactics. We even have shambling healers, but they kinda try and melee you and get themselves killed. I think those guys need a bit of improvement.


This was a great dynamic for rewarding people who like to challenge themselves with speed. The exploration is great for getting people to look around and examine every nook and cranny. The enemies act intelligent and do not simply use cheap tactics like stealing all your energy for creating interesting dynamics for players to overcome. The void is a great place, but too bad it takes a bit to get a key to get in there.

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