One of the newest items added with update is Forma. Forma is a new version of the Orokin Catalyst and Orokin Reactor for players. The level cap for Weapons and Warframes is currently 30. When you reach 30, there wasn't a lot that you can do with your item. Forma allows you to Polarize your item. Polarization in a nutshell resets the item back to zero, but adds a new Polarity slot of your choice to the item. The item you wish to Polarize needs to be supercharged, or have a Catalyst/Reactor installed, in order to perform the Polarization. There is no limit to the amount of times you could do this to a weapon or warframe. The best part is that you get a new Polarity Slot on your weapon and it stays super charged!

Dojo Use

Now the other use of Forma is in the Clan Dojo. Each room in the Clan Dojo requires Forma to create. Anyone in the Clan can donate Forma to the project to aid in the building of the Dojo. Different rooms have different costs, but the lowest amount of Forma needed for a Room is five and the highest is twenty-five.

How to get Forma

The easiest method to get Forma is to buy it from the Market. Now I say this because really it is. Your other options for Forma are done by doing things in the game itself, but they give you Blueprints to make it:

Now since two of those options, Alerts and Login I'm looking at you, are only slightly better than your chances in Vegas, here is a semi-easy way to get a chance at getting your Forma:

  1. Form a group with 3 others.
  2. Do Raid or Defense missions until you get Void Keys.
    • Usually leave at wave 10 of the mission for the quickest turnaround.
  3. Now that each person has a key, each person can host one void mission for a chance at a Forma Blueprint.

And that's how you can obtain Forma in game. Thanks to the dozens of others mentioning these here and on the forums.


Forma is an interesting mechanic for improving weapons and warframes. Forma is another great way for Digital Entertainment to get money as Forma allows you to customize your weapons to be unique to you for only a few dollars every few days you reach thirty with something. I fear due to the availability though other means it stunts the growth of smaller clans who simply want to be a small group of friends working together.

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