Forma is one of the newest items to warframe. It is used for doing a great deal of things to extend the playtime of the player. The amount of effort required in obtaining Forma for the amount of uses it has tends to obscure what the goal is.

  • For five dollars you can buy 75 Platinum.
  • Forma costs 20 Platinum.
  • You get 3.25 Forma for five dollars.
  • Forma in this equation is about $1.54 each.

Now let us review the cost of a weapon from the Market:

  • 143 is the average Platinum Cost of a weapon from the market.
  • For ten dollars you receive 170 Platinum.
  • You get about 1.2 Weapons per ten dollars.
  • Each weapon costs about $8.34 average.

Now you do get a weapon slot, which is 6 Platinum, and a Orokin Catalyst, which is 20 platinum, each time you purchase a weapon for platinum. You save 26 Platinum every time you buy a weapon from the market which is about $1.72.

Now we examine the uses of Forma.

  • Forma is used in crafting the new Clan Weapons.
  • Even though you can only use a Forma once, you can polarize weapons and warframes an infinite amount times as long as you have the Forma.
  • Forma is used to expand the Clan Dojo.

Now we examine an item with a similar cost the Orokin Catalyst:

  • Is used to upgrade any weapon crafted or obtained not through a market purchase.

There is a large difference between the two. There are approximately 75 weapons in the game currently. This means you would need 75 Catalysts to apply one to every weapon if it was crafted.

  • There are many polarity slots to a weapon. If you were to apply a Forma to every slot, you would need Forma per slot you wanted to modify. There are some weapons that have at least one polarity slot which would reduce this.
  • Warframes also can use Forma like weapons.
  • The Basic Clan Research setup currently requires 75 Forma.
  • The alpha Clan Weapons require one forma each for crafting.


How do I propose a compromise in making Forma valuable to be bought, and valuable to earn?

The Cost of 20 Platinum would be a great cost if it was used in the same dynamic as Catalysts and Reactors, but it's used in a great deal more. Since you need more of them, the demand for them is higher. The low supply of Forma from Orokin Void missions, Alert Missions, and the daily login rewards make players look to other ways to obtain Forma. The only other way they can get the supply they need is from the market.

Players look at the fact they can only get 3 Forma, when they really want more, for five dollars as bad. Why? Because they want more.

Players should keep playing, and Forma does that. To make players play longer, give them more. What I propose firstly is that the market purchase provides four Forma. Keep in mind, players have to spend at least five dollars to buy a single set of these. The idea is that the player gets Forma for their Primary, Secondary, Melee, and Warframe. They will then level these up again and buy Forma again to add more to themselves. It takes about one to two weeks for a player to reach 30. By even doing this once, you have made your player play your game for longer.

For those who don't wish to pay, you still want to support them. You want to let them know you care, but you can also make their life easy if they only spend a few dollars. Allow players who have successfully leveled at least four items, weapons or warframes, to thirty to participate in a mission that can be performed weekly for one Forma Blueprint. This allows players to progress over time, but doesn't make it easy. It will be much easier to simply buy Forma over earning it still.

With as much as Forma can be used, this would greatly make you question what is worth more of your time? Five dollars where I can get Forma and other things I want? Or do I want to get a blueprint, get the materials, and to wait twenty-four hours to apply the forma to re-level my weapon up while I wait on my next piece to do it again next week?

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