• De_steve: Stacks of health kits UI is going in
  • Fusion cores should be sorted properly
  • Fusion Core increases... should look at that yah
  • De_steve: Warframe posters would be awesome!
  • De_steve: Grenades seemed like warframe powers so we pulled them....
  • Mod De_steve: Double slide attack fixes - will be looking at it
  • De_steve: New planets in future - hell yes.
  • Mod De_steve: Earth spinning fixes - some day, good point.
  • Mod De_steve: Next big boss is about 2 stories high I think
  • On warframe comics:
  • De_steve: Will see how it works out
  • De_steve: Broadening map will happen but not for next boss...
  • De_steve: I think more enemies in the factions will happen before new faction...
  • De_steve: Dojo is progressing and looking awesome
  • Mod De_steve: I was just talking about brazillian currency - we are fixing
  • Mod De_steve: Stalkers? What is that?
  • Mod De_steve: Polarity filters - not a bad idea!
  • On mastery Rank
    • Mod De_steve: I think 9 is highest
  • De_steve: New missions like boss/survival are on the table totally
  • De_steve: soooooo many new mods coming
  • De_steve: like an insane amount
  • De_steve: Tongue in cheek mod "Rambow"
  • De_steve: No plans for mixmatch but plans to add new ability mods for old warframes
  • Mod De_steve: Warframe prestige would help guide polarities you want (in the works)
  • De_steve: Universal skill mods would be cool - something to try
  • De_steve: Trade system is in the works but there is a lot of potential problems - want to be careful
  • Mod De_steve: Grineer rollers need some work - yessss
  • Mod De_steve: Clan halls = Update 8!
  • Mod De_steve: And you build them and customize them and .. its very cool


  • Mod De_steve: gender alts of existing warframes is on the table, yes
  • Mod De_steve: Warlord demotion is crazy problem, will fix
  • Mod De_steve: will look at warlord demotion problem...
  • De_steve: Camera shake: I nerfed it a lot lately - there will be some options yes.
  • Mod De_steve: Some camera shake is used to recoil, so we have to be careful
  • Mod De_steve: update 8 progress: its coming but lots of bumps... will update when I know more
  • Mod De_steve: Warframe slots - yeah, maybe mastery increase
  • Mod De_steve: scindo shaking for everyone is a bug! will fix.
  • Cat Frame unconfirmed.
  • Multiple Inspirations were really used for all the art.
  • Void was mentioned as being a great inspiration and work based on that may be added.
  • Mod De_steve: Hamster Warframe for sure
  • Originally it was going to be that the warframes were unique characters, but as more customization developed they looked more towards that the frames were seen as just armor.
  • Orokin Art set in the works.
  • Ash started as female.
  • Mag Started as Male.
  • Ember Started as Male.
  • Trinity was the first female.
  • New combat Engineer/Trapper Warframe
New Warframe

New Warframe in the works

Grineer Concept

Grineer Concept art

  • 1.1 Million Slash Dashes performed on April 23rd.

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