Dojo Sneak Peak

  • Resources don't draw from the vault
  • Que the build
  • Takes time to complete
  • Players have to donate resources
  • Canceling builds requires time to kill the project
  • Resources are refunded to the users if canceled.
  • Dojo does work by yourself, but is designed around being in a clan.
  • Dojo is starting around 50 members and spawning multiple instances beyond the first. The number is being worked on.

Dojo Dojo 2

Other Info

  • When playing Prime warframe, they provide might provide bonuses on Orokin maps. Possibly to the group.
  • The normal Warframes are built by the Tenno.
  • The Prime Warframes are the originals built by the Orokin.
  • Wave dashing was removed mostly due to the "Rushing" problem.
  • Semi-Auto had a fire rate nerf due to keyboard macroing.
  • Trinity + Thunderbolt is okay combo!
  • Optional reset will not lose the Frost Prime Blueprint.
  • Corpus found a way to get the Orokin locations with the last Event.
  • Orokin areas exist outside normal space.
  • Other Prime gear will be available in the Orokin Sets.
  • Update will ease in 1v1 sparring.
  • Only Clan members will be able to duel one another.
  • The PvP Spar arena supports viewers.
  • The game is a PvE game.
  • All powers will be allowed in the dueling arena, and powers will not be nerfed due to PvP.
  • We will have alert missions with crafting materials.
  • Tutorials will be updated eventually.
  • Update 8 is approximately 2 weeks away, but not this friday.
  • Solo rooms are to be discussed depending on how well the Clan Dojo does.
  • More weekend events are planned.
  • Ideally weekend rewards might be tiered.
  • DE wants to give better notice about the event coming up.
  • The Weekend Operation was made in 3 days.
  • Jokingly june was set as the Stealth update, but in truth it's constantly being worked on currently.
  • More silent weapons are coming.
  • Throwing Weapons are coming out.
  • Mastery Rank feeds into the Clan Dojo System allowing you to unlock higher mastery weapons.
  • New weapons will be introduced with the vandal system using the Mastery Ranks.
  • Steve admits the caviar that he eats has definitely changed the way he works on the game.
  • Updates should be getting larger and better.
  • Multiple Art Sets added in with update 8.
  • Grineer getting their own ships with update 8.
  • Orokin pronounced as O ROW KIN.
  • New mods from design council:
  • Chance to Open Red Lockers
  • Melee range increase
  • Sentinel creates a dome to protect you while reviving an ally.
  • June 2035 planned raid boss release. Not really on the table yet.
  • They want to make more synergies, but it's not currently on the table.
  • There will be a difficulty option implemented to increase or descrease difficultly. Kinks being worked out.
  • Geoff is excited about the new Orokin sets.
  • Scott is excited about the new warframe.
  • No new factions this update.
  • IOS version of Warframe Nexus in the works.
  • Optional Reset is planned for update 8, but is not guaranteed.
  • There is code for Gravity, but it is a possibility not a confirmation.
  • Trading will mostly be between clans, but not everything will be tradable.
  • Maya and motion builder is used for modeling.
  • Main engine is the Evolution engine.
  • Busch Beer is used for inspiration.
  • Flash is used in designing the UI.
  • Throwing stars are not going to be in update 8.
  • There will be throwing knives.
  • The weapons in the frost image are not planned for update 8 release.
  • Grineer do lift.
  • Screen shake is used for recoil which is why it can't be turned off currently.
  • There are new sentinels planned.
  • Deathcube. A Cube Shaped Sentinel is planned. Name in the works.
  • We will get polearms, just not in update 8.
  • The prestige system is in the works to customize your weapon after it reaches max rank.
  • Using the dojo to research new weapons.
  • Unfusing mods is being looked at as a possibility.
  • The Glaive's bugs are being worked on.
  • There will be Glaive specific mods.
  • Update 8 will help relieve issues with hosting.

Grineer Galleon

Grinner Ship Grinner Ship2

Orokin Tileset

Orokin Space

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