• We got a new sever hamster
  • Grineer Galleons are the Anime Sci Fi Space Submarines
  • More time based trials coming
  • The three new mods made it in:
  • They want mods that modify stats and gives passives.
  • They are looking into changing items when you polarize the weapon.
  • Kunai are intended to be a stealth Kill weapon.
  • Warframe will be at E3
  • Most updates going into E3 will be around clans.
  • Squad mates will be able to trade in the lobby.
  • Warm Coat is just extra if you have the space.
  • Mods with secondary effects later down the line to provide more customization.
  • They are looking into defense awards again.
  • There are 25 items in the top tier of the defense items.
  • They are okay with the RNG rewards.
  • They are going to be adding Resource Alerts.
  • They may add resource boosters, but may lean more on adding it as a mod.
  • They would like to do more extermination events and possibly use them to help smaller clans.
  • More than likely global events will not be weekly.
  • Steve would like a tiered event with puzzles.
  • Steve says play Vauban while they fix the other frames.
  • Vauban is so awesome because they had practice.
  • The UI is getting an overhall over time.
  • Dethcube is the Anti-Roller
  • Crowd Disperation is being looked at.
  • New movement sets are being worked on.
  • Hek will not be able to thrown because it is already OP.
  • The next prime will be whatever Minky wants. Nothing in the que currently.
  • More warframes coming!
  • They want to try and do one warframe every update.
  • They find that the next prime should be female a good point.
  • They have new lines in the works.
  • Rebbecca can speak Kashykk.
  • They want to try and come up with ways to flag yourself as a certain type of playstyle.
  • They do agree that the randomness sucks.
  • Account Resets are offline due to exploits.
  • They are planning to make it so if you donate to the dojo, you can't do future reset.
  • Warframe Merchandise in the works.
  • There will be a way to get resources without pure farming. The Exchange rate is being worked on.
  • They want to make more of what the Devs are working on to the community.
  • Summer weather is coming. Pink shorts and pink mesh shirts are coming.
  • They want to move the difficulty into the region to scale the mission rewards more.
  • There are plans to change the star chart.
  • Scott drinks over the difficulty of the Scorpions.
  • Enemies will be modeled to fit environments.
  • New animations things planned in about a week or two.
  • There are two bosses for this update, Golem is one.
  • A Warframe using Clan tech may be considered.
  • They want custom animations for weapon reloads.
  • They threaded all the character lighting.
  • They are working on the networking threading. On high priority.
  • They would rather fight 100 duck sized horses.
  • Rebbecca knows what Pathfinder is.
  • They will add more functionality to the warframe Nexus app.
  • They will have a match 3 game with the Lotus head. (Possible Joke?)

New planets

  • Winter Grineer Unit
  • Desert Grineer World
  • Grineer Settlement
  • Grineer planets on the way.
  • Grineer Settlements are more of a desert area.
  • More environmental effects sounds cool to the team.

Orokin Void

  • Minky - Art Director - Came up with the tileset
  • Corrupted - is a new faction
  • The traps burst energy when a prime gets near them
  • The void was the last place the Orokin hid. Part Citadel/Panic room
  • They are compressed time/space zones

Clan Dojo

  • Dojo is in Alpha Phase.
  • They want to take the concept of the mastery tests and add it to clans in the form of new rooms.
  • Scott did enjoy the release of the Dojos
  • They wanted the dojo to take some time to be built, but not over the weekend.
  • One of the biggest issues with the clan balance is making it so players didn't complete it in a weekend.
  • The Dojo sets the ground for player made level content.
  • They admit that the balancing of dueling is a joke.
  • They toying with the idea of allowing rules to be set by players with a UI.
  • PvP balance will be kept in a completely separate sandbox.
  • They expected that smaller clans would simply wait for the rooms.
  • Clan pricing was looked at the largest Clans first.
  • They are looking at scaling but trying to work around with not allowing exploits.
  • Small Clans are going to get fixed somehow.
  • In scott's eyes 50 people is a small clan.
  • Steve sees it as 10-20 is a good active small clan.
  • The Clan size isn't really based around the Squad size.
  • They are going to fix the resources for small clans.
  • Color and material options will be coming to the dojo.
  • Object placement is in que for the dojo.
  • 10,000 Forma per RGB number for clan color tints. (Joke)
  • A message board for your clan.
  • No promises on Dojo raids, but it is a cool Idea.


  • Polearms are going to be in game.
  • Polearms look awesome


New ancient looks



  • Scott takes some of the blame for Ironskin.
  • They considered the 21 seconds of invul too op.
  • The damage reduction was an incomplete change.
  • They couldn't change anything immediately due to update 8.
  • The Steve came out with the damage cap, but Ironskin is very much for testing to get better feedback on the ability.
  • Scott is reviewing Rhino Still.

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