Main Topic this go was Level Design. We had Mitch and Ben from the level Design Team. Scott being the big guy making sure nobody leaked Secrets and Rebecca giving out the questions.

  • Warframe will Launch on Playstation 4
  • New Trailer was released
  • Warframe goes to E3 Next week
  • Wall running was the main reason where a lot of the secret rooms came from.
  • They try to add secret rooms where they can.
  • They told Mitch to tone it back some because they were a bit too hidden.
  • There's close to twelve people on the Level design team.
  • New Speed Run rooms on the way
  • They had to focus on designing the rooms more on a individual basis, rather than a whole due to the level generation.
  • They are still working designing ways to make multiple ways to get their objectives.
  • Old tiles will always be worked on to be improved.
  • Mitch added more secret areas because people get to new places. Keep looking for them.
  • They are planning adding more tiles to existing sets.
  • The Orokin tile set only supports the two game modes currently.
  • Grineer Galleon will be getting more map types.
  • They want to expand on the Hazards from the environmental effects.
  • New weapon on the way, Fire Extinguisher! (Joke?)
  • Aside from the Grineer Planet, there are more tilesets on the way.
  • New Orokin Defense Map coming. Will have laser traps that the players can activate.
  • Stairs are for Suckers. Ninjas don't use stairs.
  • Mitch's favorite Ninja Turtle is Michelangelo.
  • Mitch has had people lock up secret rooms during level testing because they didn't know they were there.
  • They wanted to make missions where wall running was required, but they want to give a better tutorial on it first.
  • Parkour room in the dojo is coming.
  • The running up the stairs and getting stuck is a Framerate issue.
  • The infested had an issue where their step up rate was not high enough to go up stairs.
  • Posting any form of bug is good.
  • Mitch wanted to add moving walkways to the orokin maps.
  • They do plan on adding more map interaction.
  • They are working on more defense and map types.
  • They want to review and update some of the older objectives.
  • The Rescue mission guy is a Tenno. They want to add hugging to the rescue guys.
  • Infested might have their own planets, but it would still be someone else's planet just heavier infestation.

( They will have larger open areas in the Grineer planet level, but within the limits of the engine.

  • The unstuck function is Scott beating Mitch and Ben.
  • They don't have a real unstuck function to get better bug reporting.
  • Address Secret Rooms and level problems to Mitch
  • Mitch likes Grineer. He liked making the Corpus Outpost.
  • Ben likes all the factions, but likes building interior ship types.
  • Scott likes the Corpus map types.
  • Art heavily affects how the level works.
  • They don't have a good scale, but they try to keep the room size about a medium size for scale.

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