So one of the many things that I once tried to work on, actually over a year now, was the consolidation of user content on this particular wiki when it came down to builds for weapons and warframes. I attempted to create a template that allowed users to create and display their builds, but unfortunately due to complexity, fell short of being able to hold the content in a manner that users want. Many times across this wiki you'll find that a lot of people prefer simply to post in the comments section of a weapon their preferred build rather than sharing it in the created category sections. This isn't at all a wrong way to do it, but it does raise a point if the user build section and categories should simply be removed. A more popular method of showing off a build does appear to be using blog posts. My major concern with this is the amount of unused categories that this is creating overall.

So on the front end would there be any major changes?

If they were removed, probably not. There has not been a lot of content as most people tend to stick to very few weapons and we don't see build for some of the weapons that don't perform well. It would also remove links from the all weapons and warframes that don't normally get used making the pages slightly shorter. User build content would need to stick to user pages. The way the builds are designed currently, we would simply be removing the categories and all old builds would revert to being part of that user's page.

On the back end?

Well we would be able to remove several templates that aren't being used, Template:MyMods being the biggest and baddest of them all, and we would also say goodbye to over a hundred unused categories. This cleanup of unused material is simply better housekeeping overall.

As with anything, if you have comments or even some ideas on the topic I'd like to hear them.

Keep User Build Categories?

The poll was created at 13:10 on October 3, 2015, and so far 112 people voted.

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