I personally have been trying to use the Tabview function of Wikia rather than using nested expand tags within templates to accomplish sorting.

A good example of this would be Mod Overview. I prefer this method of sorting to the current one that we use on the Mods page.

To edit a tabview you have to find the pagename. This can be a bit tricky, but here's an example of how the tabview code looks:

Warframe Mods|Warframe
Rifle Mods|Rifle
Shotgun Mods|Shotgun
Pistol Mods|Pistol
Melee Mods|Melee
Sentinel Mods|Sentinel

So things to understand about the code:

  • Each line is a page.
  • You just have to put the name of the page to call it in the function.
  • Placing a | allows you to rename the tab. This means if the word after the | was Warframe, the clickable tab's name would be warframe rather than Warframe Mods.

You can find more information on Tabview Here

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