You may now add clans with personalized pages to the Wiki. You may customize the page with recruitment offers and information relevant to your clan.

To add your clan to the wiki do the following:

  1. Click Add a page.
  2. Enter the page name as follows Replacing the bold text with your information.
    • User:Example Username/Example Clan Name
    • User:Your Username/Example Clan Name
    • As an example if Tnargraef wanted to add the Clan Orange Transparent Chainsaw they would type the following as the page name:
      • User:Tnargraef/Orange Transparent Chainsaw
    • If you do not wish to login, you may add a clan by using User:User Talk/Example Clan Name

This will enter you into a page creation. Copy the following code into the page to use the basic template for Clan Pages.

  • If you do not use the template, you must add [[Category:Clan List]] to the page for it to be listed under the clan Listing.
|image = 
|clanName = 
|clanTag = 
|clanWebsite = 
|warlord = 
|leader = 
|region = 
|membercount = 
|clandetails = 

Vandalism will not be tolerated at all on these pages.

To view the current listing of Clans: Category:Clan List

If you have questions please post them here.

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