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Warbros' recruitment method uses the last three numbers of a comment ID to determine application steps. Only one of these was the "Warbros #1" comment requirement. This rule will be called the "Forum Caveat." Sometime after this policy, with "~15 posts/threads in a month," DE asked Warbros to remove the Forum Caveat. Though not accessible to general users, Forum statistics showed that there were "as many as 6 threads (often with misleading titles) in a day" containing the Forum Caveat, causing large amounts of spam.

Wiawyr pointed to other communities and 4chan anons for spreading false information. DE asked for culture clarifications and other potentials for recruitment, but gave an ultimatum to change the rule by February 12th. Wiawyr maintained a stance on false guides. It was noted that he previously abused Forum Reports.

Warbros complied. The rule was changed to: "You must make a post on the official forums using your IGN that uses "Warbros #1" somewhere in a legitimate response to someone... Do not simply create a new thread with this as the subject and body of the post.".

DE quickly replied, in the same thread, that the rule still did not meet Forum policy, as recruitment on the Forums was not allowed. Wiawyr was understandably upset at the lack of clarification, but made the implication that Warbros was being unfairly targeted. DE took this indignation to heart and proceeded to halt further compromise.

Wiawyr then made a negative claim about a certain Forum Moderator who had previously gone onto 4chan. The purpose of this action was to extend peace talks after DE halted theirs. During one such discussion, the Moderator learned "the recruiting thread [on the Forums] wasn't for recruiting at all and only for blacklisting people." This Moderator also personally attempted to compromise with Wiawyr.

Other Forum members may have attempted the same. This discussion shows increasing hostility on both fronts. Warbros states Wiawyr does not control Warbros, and reveals that Forum users are being banned for the Forum Caveat. Moderators maintain clan recruitment is not allowed, and that Wiawyr was informed about this and must have some power to make changes.

This mass exodus of communication was taken as an act of aggression. Rumors and stories were spread, but are ultimately "hearsay" as users "can not go back and find deleted threads." As a result, there are no confirmed reports of any abuse by either the Forum Community or 4chan on both of those mediums.

A Warbros member was banned at some point during this, and in a Support Ticket claimed that Wiawyr was never informed of the rule change requirement.

On February 12th, Wiawyr was banned for failing to remove the Forum Caveat, as well as numerous charges including abuse both in-game and on the Forums. Warbros members admitted "We know our Warlord made an ass of himself sometimes... but we figured it was not going to be a perm-ban."

Warbros members have posted threads in contention to this decision, but every attempt has been removed by Moderators. Warbros moved to Reddit, warning other clans of potential leadership removals like Wiawyr's. They also claim DE is becoming more opaque, with "patch notes and stealth nerfs to void drop tables and shotgun proc rates... Invasion and Outbreak rewards being practically halved" as retaliation.

Forum Moderators have explained multiple attempts to find a solution, only to find animosity and resistance at every turn. Dealing with the large amounts of spam, as well as negative attitudes received toward compromise, they are disillusioned at the whole ordeal. There is no retaliation; only frustration that the clan's stubbornness didn't allow a better conclusion to be found.


The following lists a number of events described by both parties, with their respective interpretations:

Event To Warbros... To Forum Moderators...
"Warbros #1" appears on the Official Forums... ~15 threads/comments over a month many as 6 threads (often with misleading titles) in a day
Warbros is asked to change their recruitment policy... ...and complies with the anti-spam request ...whose changes do not meet the no-recruitment policy
Forum Moderators establish contact to /wfg/ and in-game... spy on and attack Warbros host discussions on compromise
Wiawyr is banned... ...despite revising rules and being unaware of demands ...for refusing further revisions after clear notification
Warbros posts on Reddit... share their side of the story ...which contains personal attacks towards staff members
Forum Moderators comment on Reddit... cover up the story share their side of the story


What's done is done. Words have been said, action has been taken. We cannot change them, even if we wish to take them back. The only thing we can control is the future.

I'm told it would be easier to let this topic die. They're right. But the Warframe Community is the best with good reason. The fact that there are Developers to argue with, a fanbase dedicated enough to fight for the right to play... that's what makes this game special.

So will you continue a battle based on mixed messages? Or will you start discussions to make changes, no matter how fundamental they may be? This message does not go to one side, but to everyone involved. The choice that every one of you must make will determine not only your own reputation, or your organization's, but Warframe in its entirety.

Choose wisely.

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